Why Yoga?

Yoga is more than a form of exercise, it is a complete science that teaches you how to handle your life with more confidence, clarity of mind and happiness. There is more than postures and breathing exercises in Yoga. Because we feel that this science of Yoga should be known by all, we are happy to help you discover Yoga, through practice and personal experience. 

Why Heartfulness Yoga?

We have a meditative approach to Yoga that allows us to explore the physical, mental and spiritual all at once. Heartfulness Yoga brings you this full spectrum of Yoga by creating a seamless flow between asanas and meditation in every class. The uniqueness of Yogic Transmission is at the heart of our practice; each programme exposes you to the exclusive experience of the Heartfulness Practices, all designed to carry you deeper in your journey. 

You want to try?

Discover the Heartfulness Yoga Style – take the Heartfulness Yoga Fundamentals at no cost.

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Yoga Tailored For Me

No matter what stage you are at, we have online and onsite Yoga programmes for all levels from beginner to professional certification. Need help to find the right course for you?

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Safe practices for health support? Here we care for you.
Health Yoga



Dreaming of becoming a certified Yoga teacher? Find the right 
Teacher Training



Me-time to relax with the magic of Yoga, it’s here.  
Yoga Retreat


Still unclear?

We Also Work With

Oneness . Harmony . Growth . Yoga

Heartfulness Yoga has initiated the Yoga For Unity program in collaboration with the largest Yoga Institutions in India and global. Take a look at the 2021 program offered conjointly here.

rys200 yoga alliance
rys300 yoga alliance

The Heartfulness Yoga School is registered with Yoga Alliance International as RYS200 and RYS300 and offers multiple courses with these accreditations.

indian yoga association

Heartfulness is part of the Governing Council of the Indian Yoga Association and thus supports the association’s aim to maintain and promote Indian Yoga traditions and provide extensive facilities for Yoga research.

Meet the Team

Diversity . Passion . Expertise . Family

shree varma

Dr. Shree Varma

Doctor in Ayurveda. Heartfulness Meditation Trainer.

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viji vasu

Viji Vasu

Yoga Therapy. E-RYT500. Heartfulness Meditation Trainer

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amar srividya

Amar Srividya

E-RYT500. MSc Yoga.

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Margery Anderson

Margery Anderson

E-RYT500. Heartfulness Yoga Trainer

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Veronique Nicolai - pre natal yoga teacher

Veronique Nicolai

MD Paediatrics. RYT500. Pre-Natal Yoga

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Ankur Naik - yoga teacher

Ankur Naik

Yoga Teacher 500 hrs. PGDiploma in Yoga

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Irina Tashmetova

Heartfulness Yoga & Meditation Trainer.
Director, International School of Yoga & Meditation, Tashkent

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Somya - parental yoga teacher


Yoga Teacher 500 hrs, Kids Yoga

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Varsha Kushwaha - 200hrs yoga teacher

Varsha Kushwaha

Yoga Teacher 500 hrs, Wellness Yoga

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Vaibhav More - 200hrs yoga trainer

Vaibhav More

Yoga Teacher 500 hrs, Wellness Yoga

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Marion Marceau, E-RYT yoga teacher

Marion Marceau

E-RYT500. Heartfulness Meditation Trainer.

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Bhushan Bhukte - yoga teacher

Bhushan Bhukte

Yoga Teacher 500 hrs. MA in Yoga.

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Yoga Family

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