Welcome! Heartfulness is a beautifully simple practice of meditation that connects us with all the light and love in our hearts.

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Heartfulness Institute is a global non for profit organisation with thousands of volunteer trainers who serve more than a million practitioners in over 130 countries. Our mission is to help develop peaceful, healthy and holistically educated individuals and children, families and communities, organizations and businesses, with a spirit of human well-being and integration. Heartfulness relaxation and meditation techniques are studied and proven to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, enhancing emotional intelligence and exploring the heights and depths of human consciousness.

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Learning to relax is vital for good health and wellbeing. It reduces tension and helps us be calm even in a stressful situation.
How to relax?

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Heartfulness Meditation will help you to live a heart-centered life, manage your emotions, and find inner peace and balance. Millions of people worldwide are now benefiting from this simple, effective meditation practice.
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Join us at one of our HeartSpots to meditate with a trainer and with a group. Our community is made up of people from all cultures, backgrounds and walks of life. There are HeartSpots in many cities, towns and villages in over 130 countries.

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The Heartfulness Guide

Inspiring teachers are unforgettable. As a student of spirituality, Daaji guides seekers on the path. He also devotes time to research on the science of spirituality and consciousness.
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