We will look after you and help you discover the magic of Yoga whatever the format you choose. All our retreats include Yoga practice and Yogic theory and we cook satvik food to complete the detox. Let the soothing healing power of Nature in our ashrams carry you throughout this experience.

Yoga Break

HYDERABAD – Kanha Shanti Vanam

The new health and detox destination right on the outskirt of Hyderabad. Kanha with its exuberant vegetation and the deep peaceful atmosphere will astonish you as it provides the perfect place for a quick relaxing break.

Twice a month on Saturdays, Heartfulness offers restorative retreats to give you a taste of the healing power of Yoga.
Upcoming Yoga Breaks:

  • August 27 – Managing Hypertension with Yoga
  • September 10 – Breathe in Breath Out – introduction to Pranayama
  • Sep 24 – A peep into Ayurveda
  • October 8 Family day out with Yoga
  • October 22 Managing Diabetes with Yoga

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Structure: 1 day – from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM group meditation, asana & pranayama practice, theme-based workshops and activities.
Criteria: Adults, all levels
Fee: 1,500/- INR Launching offer: 1,000/- INR
Includes: satvik lunch, 2 Yoga classes, 2 theme-based workshops, Kanha exploration, group meditation in the world’s largest meditation hall
Does not include: Accommodation – write to us to check available accommodations @ Kanha Shanti Vanam (Pearl Hotel, Wellness Center, Dormitories)

HIMALAYA – ‘Nilayam’, in Satkhol Himalayas

Nilayam means ‘home’. Nilayam is the place where you come to reset. 7 days – 7 nights with a breathtaking view of the mountains. The setting invites introspection and inner connection, revealing the strength within. With the addition of a yoga practice adapted to you, the transformational effect of Heartfulness and a diet based on yogic principles, the place is perfect for people who are looking for a pause, a space that allows for deep changes.

Upcoming Yoga Retreats in Nilayam:

  • October: Sunday 9 to 16, 2022
  • October: Sunday 23 to 30, 2022

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Highlights: 7 days – 7 nights from Sunday to Sunday. Guests are invited to take part of as many activities as they want, respecting their rhythm and need of the moment. Asana practice for all levels – beginners to regular practitioners – Introduction to Heartfulness meditation – Access to Satkhol Himalayan Ashram for introspection and group meditation – A glimpse into Yoga Philosophy – Time to introspect, rest and read – Nature walk to local villages and NGOs.
Criteria: Adults only, all levels
Fee: 30,000/- INR
Includes: Accommodation (twin shared bedroom), satvik food, Yoga practice, introduction to Heartfulness meditation, Yoga science, Guests lectures, outdoor activities.

KERALA – Malampuzha, Kerala

7 days – 7 nights of joy and movement in the luxuriant nature of Kerala. Perfect for families to reunite, laugh and move together.

Gift your family and friends the perfect healthy holiday break where all will rediscover the joy of being in nature and being together, the warmth of the heart and nourishing effect of Kerala tradition.
Upcoming Retreats:

  • Coming Soon

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Structure: 7 days – 7 nights. Children and families welcome. Guests are invited to take part of as many activities as they want, respecting their rhythm and need to be together. Morning and evening Asana practice for all levels – beginners, regular practitioners, kids Yoga – Introduction to Heartfulness meditation – A glimpse into Yoga Philosophy – Workshops – Nature walk to local villages – Discover of Kerala culture.
Criteria: Children and adults, all levels
Fee: 30,000/- INR
Includes: Accommodation (twin shared bedroom), healthy food for all, Yoga practice for all, introduction to Heartfulness practices, Kerala culture and outdoor activities. Does not include: extra purchase within the cultural activities