Heartfulness presents Heartnotes 2019

Help the Youth


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Help the Youth

Heartfulness presents Heartnotes

This year we want to bring the Atlanta community an offer. Our HeartNotes 2019 event is an opportunity to express your compassion by supporting a cause of vital importance and urgency: “Reduce suicide rates among our youth by providing HELP (Heartfulness a Experience of Life’s Potential).”

We have already rolled out this program to over 300,000 high school students in India across 1500 intermediate colleges and are planning to scale this to over a million students across multiple states in the upcoming academic year. We intend to also roll this out in multiple countries including US in a phased manner starting from our own neighborhood schools in Atlanta.

Why this cause?

And why in India?

India’s demographic dividend results in a huge economic growth opportunity, as the median age is 28, compared to aging populations elsewhere in the globe. Even China’s median age is 37. India’s President, Ram Nath Kovind, said in a recent speech, however, that this opportunity is threatened by a mental health epidemic in the youth, especially high schoolers.

Will the future India be made up of young people who are full of aspiration but fragile and weak in their mental constitution?

To tackle this problem, Heartfulness Institute has partnered with various state governments to roll out the HELP program. This program teaches students life skills in an engaging manner, and equips them to deal with the stress and pressures of a highly competitive society.


Keynote speech by
celebrated Bollywood actor


Stand-up comedy act by actor
and filmmaker


Event Details


JUNE 2019

SUNDAY, 12 – 3:30 PM

Signature Ballroom, 80 Horizon Dr #402, Suwanee, GA

Invited dignitaries like Dr. Jagdish Sheth and Federation of Indian-American Associations of Georgia

Several NGOs working towards the cause of Child and Youth empowerment within Atlanta Metro

Learn about the alarming situation with suicide rates among youth and how you can HELP and make a difference

Enjoy a gourmet Lunch

Network with 300+ like-minded influencers that have supported significant causes within the Atlanta community

Other Attendees include entrepreneurs, senior business leaders, and other high net worth individuals

HELP metrics – Proven to scale









25districtsthroughout AP, TN, GU, and UP Plan to scale across Indian and USA in 2019

Did you know?

  • Suicide is the leading cause of death among Indian youth (15 to 24)
  • Across the region (South Asia), cultural attitudes and social stigma prevent people from seeking help
  • Mental distress is the top reason. One student commits suicide every hour due to failure in examinations

Reduce suicide rates among our youth by providing HELP

(Heartfulness Experience of Life’s Potential)

Teaches life skills to high school students to:

  • Achieve balance and excellence in life
  • Improve coping skills to deal with stress
  • Avoid mental distress


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