Have you ever tried to meditate and found yourself struggling with your thoughts and feelings, or sitting idly in silence as if nothing is happening? Sometimes, it can even feel uneasy or intimidating, or like a waste of time. So, why meditate? Truth be told, if you can persist with this vital skill, it will bring you contentment, peace and joy, and unleash a potential within you that you never knew you had. Here, we will explore how to turn the struggle into a success.

Facing your innermost thoughts and emotions can be really challenging at first. Gradually, though, as you become familiar with your inner world, and learn to release any pent up frustration, stress, and anger, you will start to discover just how many benefits of meditation there are. Think of it as a mental gym.

In Heartfulness, we follow four simple steps – relax, meditate, rejuvenate, and connect. Our certified trainers will guide you through each of these steps so that you can experience them with support, and ask as many questions as you need to until you are comfortable with the practices.


Expand consciousness

First, Relaxation. Heartfulness Relaxation is so simple that children of 5 years of age learn it and happily teach it to their parents. Yet it is so potent that it removes stress and tension from the body, calms the nervous system and settles the breathing, so that you feel deep relaxation. You may also feel some relief from many physical and mental ailments.
Second, Meditation. You would be surprised if I told you that Meditation is a very natural human pastime. In fact, we all know how to meditate, as it simply requires us to focus our attention on something and become immersed in it. Children meditate on the toys they dream to have, teenagers on the person they wish to be with, and adults on their goals and desires. When we practice meditation, we turn our attention inward to the center of our being, and at first that is not so easy. We usually find it hard to go beyond the flurry of thoughts and feelings that arise when we close our eyes. Luckily, Heartfulness Meditation is supported by the ancient yogic technique of pranahuti, which takes us beyond the mental level, allowing us to dive deeper into the heart from the outset. While we start with the thought that “the source of Light that is already present in my heart is attracting me from within,” we soon go to a level where we experience the source of Light, and then further beyond that. We touch the center of our being where we find stillness, peace and contentment.
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Third, Cleaning. Imagine if you could rest your mind in stillness, peace, joy and love. Imagine having such clarity that you automatically make wise decisions without all the confusion and procrastination that generally accompany decision-making. Heartfulness Cleaning is the method that purifies the mind of all its complexities and heaviness, allowing you to feel light and carefree in your approach to life. It will simplify your world by detoxing your mind at the end of each day.


With your inner self

Fourth, Connect with your inner self. Heartfulness Connect allows you to connect with your inner self and listen to your heart’s voice. You can then weave your destiny. It is like taking a dip into the source of life itself, and you will emerge refreshed and balanced. When you connect before sleeping at night, your sleep will be deep and refreshing, and every new day will start in a positive way. Learning the basics of meditation is an important first step. Once you have learnt these simple practices with a certified Heartfulness trainer, you will then be able to develop the habit of meditation. This will allow you to master complex emotions and develop a mental balance that offers calm and contentment along with a stress-free mind.

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