Heartfulness – Experience Life’s Potential

A 16 week certificate course for Intermediate Students on Life Skills in association with Board of Intermediate Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh

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Honorable CM of Andhra Pradesh : Sri N. Chandra Babu Naidu,
Deputy CM and Home Minister Sri N. Chinnarajappa,
Education Minister Sri Ganta Srinivasa Rao,
Smt. B. Udaya Lakshmi, I.A.S, Secretary, Board of Intermediate Education,
Release the report of HELP Program at the Collectors Conference on 25th October 2018 at Vijayawada.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to enable teachers and students to live a balanced, purposeful, happy life through heart-based practices, so that they are equipped to contribute to sustainable school reform and community citizenship.

HELP is a 16-week certificate course for Students on life-skills and values that equip them with Heartfulness practices, skills and knowledge for quality educational outcomes.

Theory of Change

It is a well-known saying that “Our Children are our Future”. These children, under the current system of school education, are largely being nourished by their lecturers.
The result-oriented, examination based education system puts a lot of pressure on students to focus only on academic results, leading to a stressful life.
While students develop well and become subject-matter experts, most of them lack the basic life skills.
There is little time to focus on values and morals.
A slow downfall in the moral standards of today’s youth is quite visible in our current society.


HELP: ‘Heartfulness –Experience of Life’s Potential.” Impart the Heartfulness methods to students through a 16- week certificate course.
The course will cover:
– Heartfulness tools and techniques.
– Essential life skills like managing stress, time, conflicts, habits, etc.
– Basic human values and positive relationships.
– Improved Concentration and Focus in students.
– ‘Centered 1 Students’: where ‘centeredness ’ is defined as a person who is self-confident, emotionally stable and well balanced.
– A life where stress is well managed, leading to a joyful and happy society.
– Students displaying values of compassion and respect for each other.


Heartfulness – Experience Life’s Potential

A 16-week certificate course for students of ages 15 – 20, on essential life-skills integrated with Heartfulness meditation tools for self-development.

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About Heartfulness Education Trust (HET)

Heartfulness Education Trust (HET) was born from the vision that the most effective way to transform society in a generation, is to provide teachers with the opportunity and tools for change and empower them to transform their students. HET comes under the umbrella of a group of organizations, including Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM), Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (SMSF), and Heartfulness Institute (HFI). Together they work towards social transformation by offering Heartfulness methods for individual change. Our self-development programs in schools and colleges are creating a culture of values for both teachers and students, through practical methods of relaxation, introspection and meditation.

Board of Intermediate Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh Recommendation

BIE (Board of Intermediate Education) has issued a government recommendation addressing the Principals of all
Government Junior Colleges, Government-Aided Colleges, and Private Unaided Colleges to incorporate the Heartfulness
programs for all their students, in order to reduce stress and nurture ethical and moral values. It further mentions that, such meditation workshops on Heartfulness have already been conducted for more than 50,000 students in the academic year (2017-2018) and these workshops have resulted in:

  • Considerable reduction in stress and anxiety levels;
  • Improved concentration and memory;
  • A more balanced state of mind; and
  • Curbed the unfortunate tendency of suicides in some residential junior colleges.

This letter from the AP government requests all principals to utilize the services offered by the Heartfulness team and help schedule and facilitate the 16-week program for their students.


The overall scope of the above-mentioned government recommendation actually covers about 3,000 colleges and more
than 10 lakh students. During the academic year 2018 – 2019, the HELP Program will cover most of government junior
colleges, government-aided colleges and private colleges totalling around 500 colleges and 2 lakhs students across all the 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Course Outline

The HELP program is a 16-week certificate course for students of Intermediate Education in Andhra Pradesh. This course will be delivered as weekly sessions, with one-hour per week as the delivery mechanism. Every session will cover a unique topic on life skills and values, followed by practical experiential session on Heartfulness tools and techniques. A typical session breakup is as follows:

20 minutes: Topic-related presentation and discussion

30 minutes: Experiential session on Heartfulness Meditation tools

10 minutes: Q&A and follow-up

Topic-related presentations will be guided by high-quality video content. Topics will include various elements of science, activities, stories, quotes and morals, which are built into the presentations. The video will equip the presenter with interactive tools to engage with the students and communicate the message in a subtle yet powerful way, where the students learn by listening and engaging actively.

Execution Strategy

Delivering the HELP course to such a large number of students spread across all districts of AP is a challenging task.

A simple and scalable three-step approach model is designed to deliver content to all students in the selected colleges:

1. Identify Champions who will take responsibility for colleges. One champion for 2-3 colleges.

2. Heartfulness core team of trainers will train these Champions on the content and delivery.

3. Champions will deliver the course to the students in their respective colleges.


Core Training Team
Create Digital Content
Train the Champions


Volunteers and Lecturers
Champions for Colleges
Get trained on content
Deliver content to Students


Course on Life Skills
Integration with Meditation
Digital Delivery of Content (or)
Delivered by Champions

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