Upcoming GLOW Webinar

4th December 2021

Leading with Heart

7 PM IST/8:30 AM US Eastern/1:30 PM London time

Claude Silver

Webinar Details

Upcoming GLOW Webinar

11th December 2021

3 – Self-Care Practices for the New Year

7 pm IST/8:30 am EST/1:30 pm London Time

Dr Elizabeth Denley

Webinar Details

GLOW stands for ‘Genuine Loving Outstanding Women’, and is a series of monthly online workshops for women, who can login from any corner of the world, learn and practice Heartfulness meditation in the comfort of their homes or their workplace.

Each webinar will also feature an expert speaker, chosen from women who are outstanding in their fields, and are influencers and change makers.

The introductory meditation workshops through webinars for women, every month will be followed up through fortnightly webinars, and those women who prefer personal interaction would get to interact with a Heartfulness Trainer one-on-one by request. Please write to for more information.


Our Host

Purnima Ramakrishnan

Purnima is a UN award winning writer and blogger. She is the editor of World Moms Network, a website for women featuring writers from 30 countries. She is a practitioner and trainer of Heartfulness Meditation, and through this has found balance, peace and contentment in her everyday life.


Human Rights Day, Womanhood, and Peace – A fireside chat with Amandine Roche

This webinar commemorates the United Nations International Day of Human Rights (which falls on December 10th). Amandine Roche would chat about human rights, womanhood, peace, efforts towards peacebuilding, and our attitudes and actions towards the same. A true path towards human rights and refining our understanding and approach to establish peace is through refining and…

How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change

With catastrophic global warming already baked into the climate system, today’s children face a future that in so many ways will be very different than ours. How can we maintain hope and make a difference in the face of overwhelming evidence of the climate crisis? Help is at hand. Harriet Shugarman – the Climate Mama…

My voice, our equal future – International Day of the Girl Child 2020

The United Nations International Day of Girl Child’s theme is – “My Voice, Our Equal Future”. Let’s seize the opportunity to be inspired by what adolescent girls see as the change they want, the solutions- big and small- they are leading and demanding across the globe. In this webinar, a few young adolescent girls and…

Peace and Prejudice

In these difficult times of physical distancing, this International Day of Peace will be dedicated to fostering dialogue and collecting ideas. The 2020 theme for the International Day of Peace by the UN is “Shaping Peace Together.” Amidst the pandemic, the racial disturbance, prejudice, we at Heartfulness Institute, are celebrating the day by spreading compassion,…

The Role of Compassion for Inclusive Physical Education and Sports

For many years sport, in the broadest sense, sports have been used as a tool for development and peace, promoting tolerance and respect, and contributing to the empowerment of women, young people, people with disabilities, other marginalized groups and their and communities. Sport is recognized by the UN as a powerful enabler for the sustainable…

Youth Engagement for Global Action

As we commemorate the United Nations International Youth Day, we have two young women from the Heartfulness Institute, who are learning and being inspired by Nancy Sumari. We come together to celebrate young peoples’ voices, actions and initiatives, as well as their meaningful, universal engagement. Speaker : Nancy Sumari’s experience spans the realms of mentoring,…

Storytelling: Fueling Imagination. Birthing Wonder

Oral Storytelling – A powerful tool for impactful communication and reflection. This webinar will bring alive a conscious study and will offer an experiential understanding of not only the magic of this simple human interaction but also on the infinite possibilities it holds for creativity, self-expression, communication, and critical thinking in a natural and joyful…

Adaptability to New Changes

Times of change and transitions are very stressful. It presents us with the possibility to eradicate an unhealthy mental and emotional lifestyle and realign our priorities, create new practices and routines which are positive and healthy. In this webinar, Dr. Elizabeth Denley will speak about the moral revolution the current global pandemic is bringing about.…

Why Kindness is Key to Resilience

Can you recall a time someone made your day? What was it that spilled your cup of gratitude over? It’s likely that it wasn’t anything big. A stranger’s smile on the street. Someone opens the door for you on a rainy day. A neighbor calls to check on you during coronavirus lockdown. Your child washes…