Upcoming GLOW Webinar

22nd January 2022

Women Empowerment Series – Life Lessons for New Year – In Pursuit of Happiness

7 pm IST/8:30 am EST/1:30 pm London Time

Kate Elizabeth Hallam,

Webinar Details

GLOW stands for ‘Genuine Loving Outstanding Women’, and is a series of monthly online workshops for women, who can login from any corner of the world, learn and practice Heartfulness meditation in the comfort of their homes or their workplace.

Each webinar will also feature an expert speaker, chosen from women who are outstanding in their fields, and are influencers and change makers.

The introductory meditation workshops through webinars for women, every month will be followed up through fortnightly webinars, and those women who prefer personal interaction would get to interact with a Heartfulness Trainer one-on-one by request. Please write to for more information.


Our Host

Purnima Ramakrishnan

Purnima is a UN award winning writer and blogger. She is the editor of World Moms Network, a website for women featuring writers from 30 countries. She is a practitioner and trainer of Heartfulness Meditation, and through this has found balance, peace and contentment in her everyday life.


3 – Self-Care Practices for the New Year

Webinar Information & Overview: WHO defines self-care as “the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.” Incorporating a good self-care routine helps us to create and maintain a meaningful connection with ourselves, and…

Leading with Heart

Speaker Bio: Claude Silver is VaynerMedia’s first-ever Global Chief Heart Officer, tasked with fusing empathy with agency to unlock employee potential and foster a culture of belonging across the 1200+ person organization. Between her deep education in psychology and spirituality and the two decades she has spent as an advertising strategist, Claude has been studying…

Women Empowerment Series: Women in STEM (Science, Tech, Engg, Math)

Webinar Overview: Though women are graduating in high numbers, their representation reduces when they rise to leadership roles. In STEM, this is especially the scenario today. We lose inspiration, perspectives, great ideas, and some beautiful solutions are missed. STEM and women need each other. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) is a field where we have…

Aspiring to be a Civil Servant – Part 2


Overview & Takeaway: Skewed Gender Ratio and bridging the gap. Everyday challenges of fulfilling one’s duties as an IPS Officer. Dealing with the consequences of one’s actions and handling unlikely outcomes. Impact of adverse experiences and their impressions on us. Essential qualities of a civil servant. Values and skills necessary for next-gen civil servants. Contributing…

Aspiring to be a Civil Servant – Part 1


Overview & Takeaway: Sustainable changes in lifestyle during the UPSC preparation Maintaining enthusiasm and inspiration of the candidates. Facing pressure, competition, expectations, risks and progressing in spite of hindrances. Handling the possibility of Plan-B and coming to terms with it. Self growth Vs Public service. Work-life balance and contribution to society. Balancing motherhood and personal…

Modern Motherhood and Work-Life Balance

Webinar Overview: A video showing a little girl impersonating her mother working from home, has touched the hearts of millions, on social media. Colleen Chulis of Virginia, posted a clip of her daughter, Adelle. Adelle pretended to be her mom working from home, juggling phone calls, zoom meetings and of course, motherhood. Since it was…

Fireside chat with Singer, Songwriter, Darshana KT #WorldMusicDay2021


Overview & Takeaways: This webinar commemorates World Music Day, which falls on June 21st. The goal of celebrating World Music Day is to honor, cherish and love musicians all over the world, and enjoy the spirit of music, and bring more music to the world. With that intention, this webinar is a light-hearted chat with…

Balancing the Mind to Flourish

Session Information: With the current pandemic wreaking havoc on our physical health, the economy, our livelihoods and last but not least our mental health, there has never been a more urgent time to take care of our minds and do the inner work to increase our resilience to such acute stressors. Clara will explain the…

Positive Realism – The Journey through Taking Risks, Emotional Learning, Mindset Motivation with Dr. Guila Clara Kessous

Session Information: For those facing COVID-19 anxiety, this workshop will help you discover the positive psychology approach to understand how to be happier based on resilience using ‘Positive Realism’ technique. Far from the naive positivism point of view, this approach is based on an extreme realistic and concrete departure point, to better understand the modern…

Womanhood and Everyday Spirituality

Webinar Information: This webinar commemorates the International Women’s Day of 8th March. The theme this year is to achieve a more equal future and encouraging women to pursue leadership roles. We believe that a core spiritual well-being, and a practice to sustain our everyday life, and a spiritual lifestyle helps in developing true inner altruistic…

Power of the Pause

In this webinar you will: Discover the power of pause and why it matters. Learn what pausing really means and how you can create a “pause” mindset to navigate overwhelm and expand your capacity. Learn the EI (Emotional Intelligence) based tools you can start implementing immediately to navigate challenges and feel aligned as you expand…