GLOW stands for ‘Genuine Loving Outstanding Women’, and is a series of monthly online workshops for women, who can login from any corner of the world, learn and practice Heartfulness meditation in the comfort of their homes or their workplace.

Each webinar will also feature an expert speaker, chosen from women who are outstanding in their fields, and are influencers and change makers.

The introductory meditation workshops through webinars for women, every month will be followed up through fortnightly webinars, and those women who prefer personal interaction would get to interact with a Heartfulness Trainer one-on-one by request. Please write to for more information.


Our Host

Purnima Ramakrishnan

Purnima is a UN award winning writer and blogger. She is the editor of World Moms Network, a website for women featuring writers from 30 countries. She is a practitioner and trainer of Heartfulness Meditation, and through this has found balance, peace and contentment in her everyday life.


Pathways to Heart Health

Although lifestyles and family roles continue to evolve, women still tend to have significant influence over what we eat as a family. Whether as a mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, aunt, or even as a professional, women make daily choices involving foods that either help or hinder their health and that of those around them. After…

Drawing on Generational Wisdom for Emotional Wellness

If nothing is going well, call your grandmother. – Italian Proverb Globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression, according to the World Health Organization. Depression is the world’s leading cause of disability and it contributes to 800,000 suicides per year, the majority of which occur in developing countries. A new study shows that grandparents…

Setting Healthy Boundaries To Create A Loving And Caring Family

“Good fences make good neighbors.” – Robert Frost, from the poem “Mending Wall” (1914) Boundaries is where we learn how to engage with our families without losing ourselves in others. It allows us to feel safe and secure in our relationships, knowing that what we have limits and that they will be respected. During the…

Self-Love: A Foundation for Your Career, Relationships, and Service

Most of us, women especially, are conditioned to take care of others first. Whether as a mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, aunt, or even as a professional, we often put others’ needs before our own. We are not taught about self-love as children, teenagers, or even adults. As a result, putting ourselves first feels selfish.

Pressure is a Perspective

This is a generation driven to thrive on success. Dealing with the pressure of the unknown, the fear of failure, and living life on the edge of uncertainty can unravel the best. But then, it’s not circumstances or situations themselves that can cause stress.

Effective Communication for Heartful Parenting

What you say and how you say it are important in parenting. Miscommunications can easily occur through unintentional hidden, conflicting, or unclear messages. It’s common to assume you are understanding others clearly and they are understanding you, but actually aren’t, which then causes problems. So this webinar offers simple tips for positive, healthy communication.

Inner Transformation and Service

Each one’s journey of transformation is very personal and contextual. However, the process of transformation is inevitable. I continue to find myself expanding with its wisdom every waking moment. With that in mind, this topic on inner transformation and service is a very humble and sincere effort of sharing from my own personal experiences and limited understanding around the same.

#BalanceforBetter on #InternationalWomensDay

Webinar will guide woman on how to optimize the ‘all-in-one’, god-gifted extraordinary qualities in her day-to-day life: personally, professionally and socially, so that she can achieve bigger and better things in life with ease. Nivedita hopes to kindle a spark within women, so that they attain the perfect balance of the inner and outer self.…

Parents Needs Matter, Ask for What You Need

In this webinar we will understand the needs of the parents. These unmet needs lead to frustration, irritability and less than optimal interactions with children when additional stressors come into play. Parents are preconditioned to think that their needs are unimportant. Many parents do not know what they need and are so used to putting…

Resonant Leadership and Womanhood

This webinar will give an insight into resonant leadership as the competence to lead with heart intelligence, so that we can tap into a deeper source of renewal that is accessible in the heart. Heartfulness meditation helps in establishing a permanent link with the source, our ability to connect and be part of a whole.…

From Values to Action: Working as a Family to Build a Better World

In this webinar, we will look at how families can use their own interests, skills and talents to identify service opportunities that align with family concerns and values. The process can help families grow closer while also helping to make the world a better place. Objectives of this webinar Defining service learning and understanding its…

In Pursuit of Justice – Knowing one’s rights & responsibilities

Nandita Khurana began her career working at the Supreme Court of India and practiced criminal and civil law in various courts. She started working with Michelin Tyres (World leader in tyre manufacturing industry) in 2008. She currently has regional and multi-jurisdictional responsibilities with Africa, India and Middle East as her direct responsibility and is the…