Heartfulness webinars are brought to you by Heartfulness Institute, which has been imparting heart-based relaxation and meditation to over a million people from all walks of life for over seventy years.

Heartfulness Institute exists in 130 countries, where practical training is offered free of charge by over 7,000 trainers. There are also 5,000 meditation centres known as HeartSpots around the globe.

Through our online presence, Heartfulness Institute has also opened its practices and knowledge to those who wish to experience the practice from the comfort of their own home, at their workplace or in communities and neighbourhoods.

Heartfulness offers four simple heart-based practices for beginners:
relaxation – learn to let go
meditation – learn to experience stillness and expand consciousness
clean the mind – learn to rejuvenate and refresh
connect within – learn to listen to your heart

Peace and tranquility are the natural results, along with a balanced and fulfilling approach to daily life.

Webinars are one way we can connect with you, no matter where you are in the world. We share practical experience as well as additional learning, one topic at a time, in three series of webinars: each one focuses on different aspects of leading a balanced and joyful life.

GLOW Webinars

This is an exclusive webinar series for women, designed to support balance and harmony in the myriad roles that women play in today’s society.

PEARL (Speaker) Series

This is a platform for eminent leaders from different walks of life to share their insights, ideas and experience from their personal, professional and spiritual life.

Experience heartfulness meditation

This is being offered to help you learn more about the Heartfulness meditation practice in the comfort of your home.​

Heartful Life Practice

This series will provide practical guidance in Heartfulness techniques as well as inspiration and helpful tips to live the learnings!

All webinars have limited seats, so please register as soon as you can for any topic or series that interests you.