Heartfulness Hope

Youth in service.

The United Nations Charter calls upon us to take responsibility for the collective well-being of all peoples, to respect the dignity of each individual, and to honor the natural environment that sustains us.

Perhaps the best hope for the betterment of humankind lies in the hearts and minds of young people.

This exhibit tells the story of two projects undertaken in India that challenge young people to explore their roles in promoting peace and harmony, and in preserving the natural environment. They do this, through reflection and inquiry, by writing essays on these themes, and by planting tens of thousands of trees on what had been a barren plain in central India.

The world we see around us is a reflection of the world within us.

This initiative to mobilize youth in service is sponsored by the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, an international non-profit organization that supports spiritual development through heart-based meditation, as well as educational programs and services.

The Mission is dedicated to the proposition that to create harmony and beauty in the world, first create that condition in the human soul.

Heartfulness is engaging young people in promoting peace and protecting the living environment.