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Join us for a global virtual youth summit

Saturday, May 30th 2020

12:00 PM – 5:30 PM EDT
9:00 AM – 2:30 PM PDT

Sunday, May 31st 2020

12:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT
9:00 AM – 12:30 PM PDT
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YOUth 2.0 Registration

Our registration is officially closed. You can stream our Keynote sessions on YouTube Live and Facebook Live. They will take place on Saturday, May 30th at 12:50pm EDT and Sunday, May 31 at 2:00pm EDT.




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Interactive Breakout Sessions


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Keynote Speakers

Annika Sharma & Nehal Tenany laughing
Annika Sharma &
Nehal Tenany
Co-hosts, The Woke Desi
The Woke Desi is a podcast dedicated to talking about topics that are relevant to the South Asian community, including dating, marriage, mental health, and desi stigmas.
Sharath Jeevan
Sharath Jeevan
Founder & Executive Chairman, Intrinsic Labs
Sharath Jeevan is one of the world’s leading experts on how to practically re-ignite the inner-drive (or intrinsic motivation) in our lives. He founded STiR Education in 2012, the world’s largest initiative to improve intrinsic motivation – in this case in education.
A Global Summit for Young People

Youth 2.0 is a call to action, a chance to reinvent ourselves, and an opportunity to design our own destinies. Together, let us go within and upgrade ourselves from 1.0 to 2.0.

We are hosting a 2-day global virtual summit called, Youth2.0: commUnity, to foster camaraderie among young adults worldwide and to leverage virtual tools for forming connection and inner transformation.

This live event is designed to be experiential and engaging with an eclectic mix of catalytic keynotes, practical workshops, and much more!

Agenda – Day 1

Opening Remarks



Breakout Session
Attendees have the option to participate in two breakout sessions on Day One





Agenda – Day 2

Opening Remarks


Breakout Session
Attendees have the option to participate in one breakout session on Day Two




Breakout Sessions

woman standing

Personal Growth

How do I follow my Inner Compass?: How many times has someone told you, “Just follow your heart”? It can often be difficult to know if your heart is guiding or if your mind is simply over-thinking. We’ll examine a few life situations and see what simple tools we can use to make decisions with a clear heart and mind.

Finding Meaning: Take time to identify what is most important to you. Learn how to make a plan to live in congruence with your values. Have fun along the way!

An Inner Journey – Exploring Meditation: Explore how meditation can be an evolutionary tool in your life to re-shape your mind and energetic system into a more integrated and holistic “you.” Learn practical heartfulness meditation exercises to improve your intuition and to expand your mind.

people communication each other digitally

Social Time

Building Community through Giving: Exploring the intersection of service and connection, and the significance of banding together in order to create authentic, tangible, and long-term change in our communities.

Connecting in a time of Physical Distance: A virtual space for us to explore the social impacts of COVID-19 while simultaneously thinking through solutions that can help us to support our mental and physical health, continue to foster relationships, and stay connected during this period of uncertainty.

High Schooler Connection: A laid back session for high school-aged participants to create their own space, connect with each other, discuss issues they’re facing, and celebrate the good things happening in their lives!

woman painting

A Creative Outlet

Yoga to Enlighten & Enliven: Learn about the eight limbs of yoga by Patanjali and put parts of it into practice with breath work, slow flow yoga, and meditation.

Journey to the Inner Artist: Experience a relaxing guided meditation through imagined places. Find your “inner child” and express it using art!

The CEO Mindset: To live a successful life, there are common mindsets and beliefs that people share. Let’s break down some of those mindsets into actionable takeaways so that you can live a fulfilled life.

group of people playing

Who will benefit?

Youth 2.0 is designed for young adults between the ages 15-30 who are interested in enriching their lives and creating inner transformation.

What’s in it for YOU?

  1. Participate in a Q&A with our incredible keynote speakers
  2. Engage in breakout sessions facilitated by a diverse group of health and wellness leaders
  3. Interact with a global community of young adults through small group discussions
  4. Learn implementable and effective mental models and habits
  5. Take home an Action Plan Toolkit of key takeaways and insights from experts
  6. Access free e-books, magazines, and personal growth mentorship opportunities

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Meet Our Facilitators

Anjali Sindhuvalli smiling

Anjali Sindhuvalli
College Student, University of Georgia
Anjali is a student at the University of Georgia that aims to use meditation practices to bring the community and work environments together.
Bhavna Ramesh doing yoga

Bhavna Ramesh
Certified Yoga Instructor
Bhavna is a digital marketing professional and a certified yoga teacher and student. With a balance of creative sequencing and philosophical messaging, she hopes to leave each yoga student with a more poised body and mind, off to follow their highest intention.
Brian Jones

Brian Jones
Artist, Writer, and Meditation Trainer
Brian has been practicing the art and science of meditation for over fifty years. He is a nationally known artist, a musician, corporate interior designer and soon-to-be author of his first book, The Holiday Maker. He is also a “most viewed” writer in the topics of meditation, spirituality and enlightenment on the international question and answer website: Quora.
Chirag Kulkarni

Chirag Kulkarni
Co-Founder and CMO, Medly
Chirag is the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Medly, a digital pharmacy that delivers prescription drugs to patients, same day, for free. He is also the founder of Taco, an ad agency that has helped retailers, e-commerce, and digital brands like Expedia, LinkedIn, Dairy Queen increase their revenue through digital marketing.
Chris Mills

Chris Mills
Heartfulness Meditation Trainer and Student
Chris is a practitioner and instructor of Heartfulness Meditation, which he has been practicing for over 25 years. Chris has traveled throughout North America and Europe facilitating meditation workshops to enhance innovation, creativity, and conscious living. He is also a Marketing Director for a leading U.S. healthcare company.
Fiona Neary

Fiona Neary
Heartfulness Meditation Trainer and Artist
Fiona studies Fine Arts and Spanish Linguistics at SUNY Albany, and teaches Heartfulness Meditation. Fiona has loved to make art ever since she was really young, and expresses herself creatively, through painting, photography, sculpture, and making beautiful spaces. She is deeply inspired by nature and has always connected her art to larger questions of human consciousness.
Katie Bender

Katie Bender
Music Therapist, Board Certified
Katie is a practicing Expressive Arts therapist residing in the Chicagoland area. Passionate about the possibilities of surrendering to flow, Katie welcomes the opportunity of this moment to support restoration, calm, connection, and heart.
Samuel Rapoport

Samuel Rapoport
Georgia Tech Student and Tree Enthusiast
Sam is an aerospace engineering student, improvisor, naturalist, newly self-identifying runner, and proud people-person. He is excited to share his enthusiasm for meditation with others!
Toyosi Olowoyeye

Toyosi Olowoyeye
Global Health Professional
Toyosi Olowoyeye is a first-generation Nigerian-American working in the global health space. Toyosi’s interests, background, and experience have the common themes of human capacity building, community development, and internal formation.
Tracie Pape

Tracie Pape
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Tracie Pape is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked as a therapist for over 20 years. Tracie is passionate about destigmatizing mental health struggles and teaching the importance of self-compassion. She has worked primarily with young adults and understands the unique pressures of this age group.

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