Heartfulness Green

To Earth, with love.

Green Kanha

A sanctuary for heart, mind, body and soul.

Kanha Shanti Vanam is a retreat center in Southern India whose purpose is to serve as a way station for seekers from all religious and spiritual traditions.

Kanha is also the site of an extraordinary environmental conservation effort that has turned 300 acres of dry, barren land into a verdant oasis.

This project, the Green Kanha Initiative, is the work of volunteers – including thousands of young people – from all over the world. They have planted tens of thousands of trees, shrubs and grasses – species that are native
to India.

By participating in the greening of Kanha, young people learn that their bond with the natural world is integral to a spiritually aware life.

More than 150,000 trees have been planted in Kanha in the last five years and 300,000 saplings have been prepared for planting in the coming months.

New scientific methods of organic farming and aeroponics are being developed. Rainwater harvesting and natural irrigation nourish trees and vegetation, while a solar energy farm generates electricity for the entire community.