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After completing the 3 Heartfulness masterclasses

Please choose the future direction, that you may wish to take, at your own pace.

Incase you would like to repeat the masterclasses or missed any of them please click here.

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Contact a Trainer

I want to dive deeper at my own pace but with periodic assistance from a certified Heartfulness trainer
(I’m aware that there are no charges applicable)


Gift Heartfulness

I would like to share the gift of Heartfulness with family, friends or at my workplace


Go Further Myself

I want to dive deeper and practice on my own



I would like to receive literature and audio-visual material from time to time

For any further information

Please contact one of our trainers at

or email us at

Toll free India : 1 800 121 DHYANA (3492)
USA & Canada : 1 844 879 4327

Toll free Australia : (02) 8004 6547