Fourteen ways to deepen your spiritual awareness,
built on 7,000 years of spiritual wisdom. Let’s begin.

Daaji’s Masterclasses

Learn to meditate the Heartfulness Way with 3 introductory experiential sessions, as well as some great explanations from Daaji about each practice.

An Online Course

A dynamic and practical online course with Daaji, covering Heartfulness practices and tips for a well-balanced lifestyle.

Quest for Joy and Wellbeing

Be inspired to sustain the habit of Meditation and find joy, excellence and well-being. Improve your meditation through useful insights. Understand how meditation improves focus, reduces stress, and improves sleep.


Download this easy-to-use App to connect with a certified Heartfulness Trainer any time, any place. Meditate and receive Transmission in the comfort of your own home or at work.

Heartfulness Magazine

Filled with interesting articles and lifestyle tips on personal development, relationships, workplace and career, spiritual well-being and the environment.

Brighter Minds

Nurturing the potential of children’s minds and hearts – their cognitive and problem-solving abilities, intuition, creativity and consciousness.

Schools Programs

A dynamic set of fun interactive activities for students in Years 1 to 10, guiding them towards a life of balance, wise choices and happiness.

Yoga Teacher Training Program

Explore and experience the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. Become a certified Heartfulness Yoga Teacher. One-month residential program.

Corporate Leadership

A program for leaders in the corporate world who are striving for excellence in their own work and in the teams they lead.

Continual Medical Education

Medical professionals learn how to tap in to their inner resources and look after themselves, increasing their capacity to help others and overcome compassion fatigue.

Heartfulness Retreats

Take the weekend off and make simple adjustments in your lifestyle with our health experts. Nutritious life-giving food, Yoga, meditation techniques – a rejuvenating experience.

An Oasis of Peace and Sustainability

The international center for Yoga, meditation and sustainable living in tune with Nature. Kanha is a center of learning and excellence for personal inner growth, lifestyle changes and the well-being of Planet Earth.

Daily Wisdom to Live By

How would you like to start your day, every day, with an inspiring quote from one of the Heartfulness Guides, to help you absorb the condition you have received in morning meditation?

Heartfulness for Organisations

Range of programs for individual wellness and inner transformation. Participants learn to achieve a natural state of focus and balance, build inner strength and develop habits to create a lasting sense of fulfilment and overall well-being.

For any further information or to host Heartfulness meditation programs at your organization, school, college or location please contact