Let Go – Removal of Fear

In helpless circumstances, sincere prayers and surrender to the Divine are very liberating. The ideal time for prayer is bedtime when you are completely free in your body and mind, after the completion of your day’s activities.

• Sit in a comfortable position.
• Gently close your eyes and bring your attention to your heart. Dive as deep as you can within your heart.
• Feel your heart’s ability to accept everything, and let that acceptance spread through you. Notice the vacuum that is created when you are able to accept it.
• Invoke the presence of the Divine, which will naturally flow into the vacuum.
• Go deeper into that state of acceptance.
• Allow the presence of the Divine to expand within you.
• While deeply absorbed in the Divine, ask for forgiveness for any mistakes you may have committed, even unknowingly. Resolve not to repeat them again.
• Stay in this state of repentance, with total self-acceptance, for a few minutes.
• Then connect yourself to your higher Self using the following prayer slowly and silently. Let the words resonate in the vacuum of your heart.

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