Babuji Maharaj

1899 A.D.– 1983 A.D.

Babuji was born on 30th April 1899 in the north Indian town of Shahjahanpur (Uttar Pradesh). From an early age, he displayed a craving for spiritual realization that overshadowed all other interests.

He held the position of clerk in the district court of Shahjahanpur for more than thirty years. He was married at the age of nineteen and his wife, Bhagwati, bore him two daughters and four sons before her death in 1949.

In June 1922, at the age of twenty-two, he met Lalaji, who recognized Babuji as the person who had appeared in his dream years before as his successor.

Though there were very few meetings between guru and disciple before Lalaji left his physical body in 1931, Babuji was in perpetual remembrance of Lalaji and insisted that he could not live for a second without his inner guidance. Babuji believed that evolution of consciousness is the birthright of all and should be offered freely to sincere seekers everywhere. He believed that a true Guru is the ultimate servant, and he lived his life serving all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender or nationality. He taught that material and spiritual life go hand in hand, like the two wings of a bird, and that the normal life of a householder is the best environment in which to learn the twin virtues of love and sacrifice. Accordingly, he simplified and perfected the system of raja yoga so that everyone could practice and benefit from it.

He advised his followers not to be discouraged by their faults and shortcomings, but to let go of mistakes, resolving not to repeat them again. He reminded them that it is in the present that we develop our character and thus create a brighter future.

Babuji was, by nature, the humblest of people and had immense faith in his guru. He was confident that seekers of every culture and nationality would embrace the simple and effective practices that he offered. In 1972, he took the Heartfulness method to Europe and America, accompanied by his attendant, Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari of Chennai. Parthasarathi, known to his associates as Chariji, was later chosen to succeed Babuji as the third guru in the Heartfulness tradition.