What is Heartfulness?

Heartfulness is a heart-centered approach to life, where you will be able to live each moment by the heart. It is to live naturally, in tune with the qualities of a heart enlightened and refined through spiritual practice. These qualities include compassion, sincerity, contentment, truthfulness, and forgiveness; attitudes such as generosity and acceptance; and the heart’s fundamental nature, which is love. The Heartfulness approach to life is supported by the four basic practices of Sahaj Marg (meaning ‘natural path’). From the very first day, the practices of Sahaj Marg start revealing these qualities in us.

Our heart is our very conscience. It leads us to the good, the unselfish, and the noble. By referring to the heart over and over again, we grant it a prominent position in our lives. It is there to guide us at every moment.

Often, people associate the heart with emotion and sometimes they wonder if a heartful approach to life can give true clarity. Consider this: the roots of our thoughts and emotions lie in the heart, and likewise, the condition of our heart determines our mental, emotional, and spiritual states. When the heart is clear, so is the mind. When the heart is at peace, the mind is at rest. Therefore, we start with the heart.