What is being cleaned in the Heartfulness Cleaning practice?

Cleaning is a way to remove the emotional burdens that we carry on a daily basis. These burdens are the emotional content of our experiences, and the emotional residue that lingers from our past, our memories. In yogic terminology, these burdens are known as samskaras, or impressions. Over time, impressions harden into
tendencies of thought and emotion, causing us to become habitual in our reactions and behavior. They prevent us from being free. With the daily cleaning practice, we remove these impressions in bulk, and become lighter day-by-day.

What is the deeper result? Space is created in the heart and this inner vacuity automatically attracts Transmission. This is the reason for the three introductory sessions you have with a trainer prior to commencing your individual Heartfulness practice. In those initial sessions, the trainer removes complexities and impurities from your system, creating more lightness within. Over time, you will experience greater vacuity and lightness, which will in turn direct the flow of divine energy towards you to a greater extent.