Can a person from any tradition practice Heartfulness?

Yes. Heartfulness can actually deepen your connection with your religious or spiritual tradition by allowing you to experience its underlying truth. Until you realize the truth of a particular teaching, it remains a mere belief. Truth must be realized practically, and meditation is an effective means for that to occur.

Until you experience something for yourself, you will tend to doubt it. Usually, we think of belief as the antidote to doubt, but in fact, belief only suppresses doubt, hiding it deep in our subconscious. By cultivating beliefs, we hide that suppressed doubt, preventing it from showing its face. The more we hypnotize ourselves with belief,
the more our doubt is reinforced.

The practices of Sahaj Marg grant us the experience required to convince our hearts. Realizing the truth for ourselves, we overcome doubt, while transcending the need for belief. To put it in a different way – our beliefs are now backed by experience.