Have you ever imagined how it feels to be in a place where you can completely relax without any distractions amid the hustle of bustling city life?

Well, you don’t have to go too far. Walk into the Heartfulness Meditation Centre which is located close to the heart of the city and very accessible by public transportation. 

The Heartfulness meditation centre is about 4000 sq ft in area. The centre is equipped with a Meditation hall which seats about 200 people. The centre also houses a pantry, a sit-out area, a children’s corner and a library.

Meditation Hall

Members gather on weekends for group meditations and individual (sitting) sessions with trainers. Apart from this, the facility is used for beginners training, workshops for advanced practitioners and regional seminars and meets. It also provides a quiet space for practitioners who wish to contemplate and meditate.

Image of common area

Children's Centre

The Children’s Centre is a hub to mould and guide the future citizens of the world. The Centre provides a positive environment to nurture children so that a happier and a more peaceful world may result in the future.

At the Children’s centre, we conduct Value Based Education (VBE) programs, an integral part of Heartfulness Singapore. The goal of VBE activities is to instill good attitude in children which plays an important role in moulding their character.

VBE activities help children to understand each other and to become buddies for life. Children are trained to conduct Heartfulness Relaxation for adults at the center and for other children in schools


Our Address is

LHK 3 Building
8 New Industrial Road
Singapore 536200

Contact: info@heartfulness.sg