HomeVolume 1Issue 2 Heartfulness Relaxation

Sit comfortably and close your eyes very softly and very gently.

Let’s begin with the toes. Wiggle your toes. Now feel them relax.

Relax your ankles and feet.  Feel energy move up from the earth… up your feet to your knees relaxing the legs.

Relax your thighs. The energy moves up your legs … relaxing them.

Now, deeply relax your hips … stomach … and waist.

Relax your back. From the top to the bottom the entire back is relaxed.

Relax your chest … and shoulders. Feel your shoulders simply melting away…

Relax your upper arms. Relax each muscle in your forearms … your hands … right up to your fingertips.

Relax the neck muscles. Move your awareness up to your face. Relax the jaws …  mouth  … nose … eyes … earlobes … facial muscles … forehead … all the way to the  top of your head.

Feel how your whole body is now completely relaxed.

Move your attention to your heart. Rest there for a little while. Feel immersed in the  love and light in your heart.

Remain still and quiet, and slowly become absorbed in yourself.

Remain absorbed for as long as you want, until you feel ready to come out.

Young children can remain in the heart for 20 seconds, gradually extending up to 1 minute as they progress.
Teenagers may remain in the heart for up to 15 minutes after some practice.
Adults may do this relaxation at the beginning of their Heartfulness meditation practice. At the end of the relaxation, keep your eyes gently closed and suppose that Divine Light is illuminating your heart from within. Remain with this for about 30 minutes.