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DAAJI invites you to start the year with two simple grounding exercises that will bring you both focus and joy as 2024 dawns.

“Life on Earth is about evolution. 
Every life is an evolution in developing wisdom, skills and attitudes.”


Dear friends,

The New Year is a good time to pause, evaluate, and focus on the coming time. This is especially true if you are so caught up in busy-ness that you have lost track of where you are going, and even more so when you have experienced trauma or sudden change, a serious illness, a relationship ending, or a loss of someone close. To add to the mix, these days the events in the world bode a sense of helplessness, so it is easy to feel uncertain about the future. 

One thing that will ground you is a regular practice of meditation, which softens the heart and brings you closer to your higher being. There is no doubt there are big changes happening in the world, and a regular practice of meditation can help you see the bigger picture with a wider perspective.

In addition, I invite you to try the following exercises that will bring focus and joy, and will enhance your abilities to both plan for your future and accept the unforeseen.

Exercise 1: 5 priorities

Sit somewhere comfortable where you will not be interrupted. Close your eyes and ask yourself what are the sticking points in your life right now, what would you like to focus on that will bring you peace and well-being. Allow your mind to be filled with wonder, daydream, and explore. 

When you are ready, with pen and paper in hand, prioritise five things, number one being the most important.

For example, you may be concerned about the effect of social media in your life and want to limit it. Or you may want to repair a relationship with a friend, change careers, or make more effort to strengthen your marriage. Write whatever is uppermost in your mind that has been creating some anxiety or concern.

Post the list where you are able to see it. Ponder how you are going to bring the first one about: what actions, what attitude, what changes you may need to make. Imagine how you are going to do it. For instance, if you want to limit phone use, see yourself turning your phone off and putting it somewhere out of the way. Then, think about what you will do with the time you have released for yourself. What would you enjoy doing that would make you feel more positive about your life?

Exercise 2: Celebrate joy

After (and it could be some time after) you have decided on your priorities, again relax and sit in a comfortable place reminiscing about the activities in your life that brought you joy. What brought you happiness; especially, what lit you up as a younger person? What are your memories of those joyful episodes? A friend told me she had been happy climbing trees in her childhood. Revisit these simple memories and remind yourself how to bring joy to everyday life. 

And if possible, do some of those activities again. For example, if watching birds brought you joy, go bird watching in your local park or even take a trip to a nature reserve. If you liked dancing as a child, put on some music and dance. It can be as simple as that. It’s all about rekindling joy.

All the best,




Kamlesh Patel is known to many as Daaji. He is the Heartfulness Guide in a tradition of Yoga meditation that is over 100 years old, overseeing 14,000 certified Heartfulness trainers and many volunteers in over 160 countries. He is an inn... Read More