October 26th 2019 at 7:00 PM IST / 9:30 AM EST / 1:30 PM GMT

Speaker Prakash Seshadri

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This webinar will be a treatise on taking a harmonious approach towards parenting in the modern era. The advent of technology, globalization and nuclear family structures has increased expectations and pressures on children, parents and educators alike.  Children bear the brunt of it all and behave in unexpected ways that can upset parents and society. The key to unlocking tranquillity at home lies in transforming ourselves to be a catalyst tapping into the power of the subconscious mind and integrating spiritual perspectives into everything we do.This webinar will guide you to take a Heartful approach to being a parent. As a parent/educator you will be able to relate to the modern day challenges of nurturing children to become responsible adults. The webinar will share a few perspectives in laying out a phased approach to bring serenity into our home and school by offering both short term and long term solutions. Simply put, it offers life changing guidance on raising children to become contented and successful adults.

Speaker : Prakash Seshadri is a widely read person and brings with him 3 1/2 decades of a rich blend of work, business, management, leadership and classroom experience. He is a nationally acclaimed Indian author, coach, behavioural trainer, motivational speaker and an organisational turnaround expert. He has been writing on human behaviour, business success and many other related topics for over 2 decades now. To his credit he has published close to 10 books in several languages. He has authored close to 1,000 articles on self-development, spirituality and varied topics.

His recent book “Peaceful Parenting”, based on his research and understanding of parents, students and teachers is already receiving critical acclaim. He has been practising Heartfulness Meditation since 1992 and is a certified Heartfulness Trainer.
He has a great exposure in interfacing with humans from across the world thanks to the various roles he plays in the Heartfulness Institute. He is the secretary to Daaji, the Global Guide and President of Heartfulness Institute. Brother Prakash is also the Zonal Coordinator of Chennai Metro Zone.

He is happily and peacefully married to Sandhya, His daughter, Sukanya, is pursuing her higher studies after a short stint in a U.S. accounting firm.

Takeaways from this webinar

  • Get the perspectives behind parenting and the pressures that both parent and the children face
  • Understand the impact of raising children who come from a different thinking altogether
  • Learn to differentiate between expecting and enabling parenting
  • Discover some short term and long term solutions

Who Should Attend
Anyone who is a parent, grandparent or anyone intending to raise a family anytime soon.

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