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AMANDA ESPY holds an MA in Psychology and certification from the Jung Institute of Los Angeles. As the creator of a line of unique and custom jewelry called Ritual Gold, she works both academically and artistically by using symbols to explore the human psyche.


What is your mission with your jewelry?

To create pieces that individuals can wear every day which deeply connect to their soul.

What informs your work?

Academic studies of ancient symbolism and a deep connection to my own inner source of images. I’ve found the symbolism of nature is patterned deep in the Fibonacci of the human mind. It’s the building blocks from which all other symbolism seems to derive.

What symbols are most interesting to you?

My current symbol of a rose. It might not seem ancient, but it is. It showed up in my dreams and through imagery. It has such a history. It is a symbol of beauty and elegance. It has also turned out to have so much depth of meaning to my psyche and to women around me who I feel are drawn to the rose.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, a lot of people will be gifting jewellery. How do you work with clients to create a custom piece for someone they love?

Clients send me a few photos of the person they love and we have a discussion about how that person has impacted their life, for me to feel the essence of that person.

I loved making the engagement ring of a dear friend. Being a part of the process, holding space for his secret, watching the rings exchanged at the wedding. Every time I see her & she has that ring on her finger it’s unbelievable.

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Interviewed by EMMA IVATURI