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Do you know what defines a young person? It is not their age but their ability to wonder.

This game can be played even if you are only two at home and with many more people too.

While having a great deal of fun, this game will teach you something deep that is worth developing: it will help you understand other people better, and develop your alertness and sensitivity to others.

It’s like a mime, but its more fun because it is in pairs and we laugh better when we are two. Before you start, get into pairs. One will be the ‘Real’ one and the other one the ‘Mirror’.


Find some happy music, not too fast, so that you can move easily to it.

Stand facing each other in your pairs, hands open and up. Do not touch hands.

Start the music. Ask the ‘Real’ to move to the music, while the friend being the ‘Mirror’ imitates the ‘Real’.

Both should be attentive so that the movements are easy to follow and totally in sync.

Keep enough space between you in your pairs so as not to touch while moving.

After a few minutes, ask all the ‘Mirrors’ to swap and become the ‘Reals’ and vice versa.

When you were the ‘Mirror’, how did you know what to do next?

When you were the ‘Real’, how did you help your partner to follow you?

Start again with some other music. Watch how you start knowing how to lead and to follow each other better and better. It is like magnets!


When the music changes, change roles and change partners.

You can also try doing the mirror game with your eyes closed and your hands touching to take it to the next level. You will have to ‘feel’ the movements of the other one and let it flow.

Add some fun: dress up or paint your face and hands with matching colours and designs, like in a mirror.


Elizabeth Denley

Elizabeth Denley

Elizabeth is the founding editor of Heartfulness Magazine. She is Australian, loves meditating, writing, playing and singing music, gardening, thinking, spending time with her two grown up children, and life in general. She has been a st... Read More