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The 2016 articles from the ‘Evolution of Consciousness’ series.

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The Three Bodies

This is the first in a series of articles by KAMLESH D. PATEL about the evolution of consciousness, and how spiritual practices are designed to help consciousness expand and evolve.

When we talk about weaving a destiny, a future for ourselves, what do we mean? In the worldly sense, we want a good life. From my one-bedroom apartment, I want a five-bedroom house; from owning one factory I hope to own ten factories; I dream of being promoted from the position of a clerk to that of a CEO; I want a happy and fulfilling family life, and to raise children who also have fulfilling lives.

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The Subtle Body

In this second article, KAMLESH D. PATEL explores one of the three bodies in depth, the subtle body, and how it evolves.

Which body evolves?

Understanding that we have these three bodies – physical, subtle and causal – we can then ask, which of these bodies is evolving? … It is the subtle body that can evolve, so that we can design our destiny. It changes according to how we purify and simplify it, so that the joy of the soul shines and radiates from within, and through this process we find the evolution of consciousness.

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The Spiritual Journey

In this third article, KAMLESH D. PATEL introduces us to the journey we embark upon to expand consciousness and the role of Yogic Transmission in that journey.

There is another process that aids our journey into higher and higher states of consciousness. Without it, we would not manouver the obstacles, like with any journey into unknown universes. That vital ingredient is Yogic Transmission, known in the yogic literature as pranahuti. More particularly, it is Yogic Transmission utilized by a teacher of caliber.

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Spiritual Anatomy

KAMLESH D. PATEL explores with us in more detail how we become entangled in worldly issues, how that expresses in the spiritual anatomy of a human being, and what we can do to remove the impressions that form.

Without cleaning of the subtle body, there is no real evolution. What needs to be cleaned from the subtle body? If you can close your eyes for a moment and imagine the subtle body, the heart-mind field of a human being, as a vast field of subtle energy, of consciousness. … So how do we form impressions in the subtle body? In this article we understand the way they form, and how each impression is drawn by its vibration to a particular centre in the human system.

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The Spectrum of Consciousness

In this article, KAMLESH D. PATEL shares with us some more thoughts on the spectrum of consciousness.

‘Consciousness’ is a popular word these days in the field of mind-body medicine, and also at the cutting edge of research in science and spirituality and the quantum field. The idea of a spectrum of consciousness is not new. Yogis and mystics have written about it since time immemorial, and more recently also western psychoanalysts and psychologists like Carl Jung and Ken Wilbur.

What do we learn from this literature? It tells us there is a vast spectrum of consciousness in a human being, spanning the subconscious mind through consciousness and all the way to the superconscious realm, most of which we don’t understand.

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In this article, KAMLESH D. PATEL explains more about the vastness that is Yoga.

Yoga is all about personal experience. So far we have looked at the three bodies of a human being – the physical, subtle and the causal bodies. Yoga developed as a practical method to help us refine all these three bodies, to achieve our purpose of human evolution. The experience of the finer states generated in yogic practice is for the benefit of all humanity. Many people these days associate the word ‘Yoga’ with a set of techniques for physical and mental well-being: asanas, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. But this is not a comprehensive understanding of Yoga. In the traditional yogic literature there are thirty-five different principles and methods that make up Yoga, and they form an integrated whole. What are these thirty-five? And how can we really benefits from the techniques Yoga has to offer in the 21st century?

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Expansion of Consciousness

In this issue, KAMLESH D. PATEL asks, “Why should we want to expand our consciousness towards a higher destiny?”

We have been talking so much about the evolution of consciousness, but what is the purpose of all this? Why should we be so interested in this field of evolution of the mind? Why do we need to purify our consciousness and heart? …

A calm balanced mind gets us to first base, but is that the only reason we meditate? No, it is just the start. Having a mind that is still is great, but then what will you do with that still mind?

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Space, Time & the Creation of the Universe

In this article, KAMLESH D. PATEL shares with us some of the outcomes of an expanded consciousness, including the ability to understand the universe.

The purpose of life is to facilitate expansion of available consciousness to its fullest potential. This expansion eventually takes us to a state of lightness and joy, where the subtle body is pure, simple and refined, where there is no longer any separation between the heart and the mind – they are one, with the heart as the field of action for the mind and vice versa. This integrated, holistic state of being is known as Yoga. All the practices of Yoga are designed to bring about this state of oneness, or unity with the Source of all existence.

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