LESLIE BLAIR shares the profound nature of a dream, which she almost missed. How often do we receive these gifts without realizing it?

The dream caught me napping on a sad Sunday afternoon, the kind of dream you can count on one hand even after seven decades of dreaming, the kind that maybe wasn’t a dream after all, but a visitation.

I almost missed it—a choir of voices, celestial music already receding, my consciousness hurtling through space, away, back from the dream and the voices—my mind trying desperately to slow the return and capture the unspeakably beautiful melodies and harmonies.

In the instant that was left, I realized the music would be lost. But there were words! I hadn’t noticed them before, and I caught the last ones I could hear.

Coming back to wakefulness, I hurriedly reached for pen and paper and wrote them down:
“Let thy soul be couched in merest gladness.”

Not being accustomed to this kind of language, my rough interpretation went something like this:
“Let your soul be hidden in the least bit of gladness.”

In no way did this match the exquisite beauty of the music I had heard. Feeling terribly disappointed, I went to the dictionary in hopes of finding something better. It did not disappoint.

These are the definitions I found:
Couch—to express, to reveal.
Mere—pure, unmixed.

The celestial code was cracked. The message read:
“Let your soul express itself in pure, unmixed gladness.”

A message from a heavenly realm brought down to earth by an everyday dictionary. Who can say where help will come from?



Leslie Blair

Leslie Blair

Leslie is a Heartfulness practitioner and trainer living in the US. A retired editor, she knows that words—as hard as she may try to find the right ones—are inadequate to express our most treasured experiences and connections. But she ke... Read More