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VICTOR KANNAN shares some thoughts on being grateful, and the health benefits of this wonderful attitude, calling it an elite quality.

To be grateful is the greatest of all attitudes. It opens up so much peace, harmony and happiness and positively affects individuals, families, workplace and communities. Grateful people are more consistent in their behavior and hence approachable. They emanate a vibration and live in a frequency that propagates harmony in and around them. With this attitude, a person emanates a subtle loving and positive energy all the time.

Though the niceties of gratitude are easily understood, there is also now enormous scientific evidence about the benefits of this attitude. Research shows that we sleep better, stress less, and undo negative effects on cardiovascular health and so on.

Like anything we learn, imbibe and make part of our own being, the development of this attitude starts with recognition of the need to be grateful. Then we develop a pathway to cultivate this gratitude.

A grateful heart is a well-cultivated heart.

Where do we cultivate this attitude? Of course in our hearts. A grateful heart is a well-cultivated heart. A heart that is devoid of complexities and impurities, upon receiving impulses of love begins to blossom much more beautifully, similar to rose bushes well fertilized and fed.

We are constantly faced with positives and negatives in life. We profit from hard work as much as with luck and serendipity. We lose in spite of hard and smart work. Whether these profits and losses are in material wealth or inner health or relationships, we can explore how to cultivate gratitude so it drowns the negative experiences in life, dissolves resulting impurities and complexities from the heart.

Gratitude is such an elite quality in a human being.



Victor Kannan

Victor Kannan

Victor is a Director for Heartfulness Institute, USA, a non-profit organization educating, researching and spreading the values of yoga, meditation and overall wellness. He has been an avid practitioner of Heartfulness Meditation and a trai... Read More