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The Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India (MDNIY) and Heartfulness Education Trust (HET) offer courses conceived and taught by both institutions eager to train Yoga professionals to promote Yoga (asana meditation) for wellness.

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Course in Yoga for Protocol Instructor

1st December to 29th December 2019

Kanha Shanti Vanam
Chegur | Telangana | India

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About the Course

8-day course, residential

The course will introduce fundamental principles and practices of Yoga for wellness and a foundation in the principles and practices of Heartfulness Relaxation, Meditation and other related practices.

The completion of this course is a first step and will enable students to enter the renowned Certificate Course in Yoga for Wellness Instructors (CCYWI) run by MDNIY for many years (24 credits). This one-month program will be run jointly by MDNIY and HET and will train young people to become institutionally qualified Yoga professionals and teach Yoga for Wellness.

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Certificate Course in Yoga for Protocol Instructor (CCYPI)

One month course, residential

The course is designed to impart the knowledge, skills and techniques of Yoga to enable the participants to become qualified Yoga Professionals and teach voluntary Yoga Protocol for Health and Wellbeing.

Moreover, the aim is to impart classical, scientific Yoga education and training and to produce wellness yoga instructors for promotion of health.


Course in Yoga for Protocol Instructor


Course in Yoga for Protocol Instructor

Students who have done the Foundation Course in Yoga Science for Wellness (FCYScW) from MDNYI.
For this first batch, interested participants who have not had the opportunity to do the Foundation course can come for 5 days prior to the beginning of the course to be prepared to the program. (From 25th November onwards)


The person must be medically fit. No person with acute/chronic/communicable diseases is allowed admission in the course. A medical certificate or self-certificate on health status is required for admission.


Hindi and English

Intake Capacity:

CCYPI = 100


Course in Yoga for Protocol Instructor – 1 month
Registration Fee 250 INR
Course Fee 10000 INR
Certificate Fee 250 INR
Boarding Fee included material, food & stay 15000 INR
Reading Material 4000 INR
Total 29500 INR