HEART Program



The INVOLVE program happens after 6 months of engagement with the teachers. This component is a 3-day intensive workshop, the level 2 version of INSPIRE, that helps deepen the understanding of the Heartfulness Way. In addition to diving yet deeper still into Heartfulness, it covers practical sessions in handling real-life classroom situations and learning how to be a heartful presenter and facilitator. This workshop will also reinforce and discuss learnings from the last 6 months of teacher engagement, solutions and actions for challenges experienced in school etc.


  1. To learn to use meditation to bring about change in all aspects of daily life, both personal and in the classroom;
  2. To provide a platform to solve real-life classroom issues using the various heart-based methods taught in this workshop; and
  3. To become confident heartful presenters and facilitators, with enhanced communication and soft skills.


Teachers will:

  1. Start to become adept meditators;
  2. Feel an active sense of contribution and innovation in their role as an educator;
  3. Naturally feel a sense of purposeful duty and responsibility for their class, their school and in their community;
  4. Be able to solve the challenges of the classroom environment with more confidence, and
  5. Exhibit enhanced communication and soft skills in the classroom environment,

The HEART Program

Heartfulness Education and Resources for Teachers