HEART Program



Individual work is an essential component in any self-development program. Motivation and inspiration usually happen during individual ‘wow’ moments. Heartfulness Trainers, who are specifically trained and certified for this process (and are more qualified than the program volunteers engaged in INTEGRATE), are connected with the teachers to give them fortnightly individual one-on-one sessions which last for about 30 minutes. This is component is the equivalent of having a personal trainer at the gym, compared with being in a class environment.


To experience:

  1. Individual meditation sessions with a trainer – focused attention;
  2. Support with mental detox;
  3. Support with their meditation practice to go deeper; and
  4. An opportunity to ask questions and get clarifications on aspects of the practice and lifestyle.


  1. Individual tutoring in the core Heartfulness practices, enabling teachers to fine-tune their experience and get the maximum benefit;
  2. Increased personal development, and mental and emotional well-being;
  3. Greater depth in meditation; and
  4. More confidence in themselves and their role as a teacher.

The Happiness index is usually a measure of contentment in the heart and a state of mind. In these individual sessions, the heart and mind are refined and regulated to a large extent leading to a sense of happiness and contentment.

The HEART Program

Heartfulness Education and Resources for Teachers