HEART Program



The INTEGRATE component consists of weekly group sessions that are conducted for teachers in their respective schools. Once a week, all teachers in a school will meet with a local volunteer Heartfulness Trainer, who will conduct the one-hour group session supported by the Champion Teachers from that school. Each weekly session includes an interactive presentation of a particular life skill, some discussion and an experiential Heartfulness Meditation session. The same content will be made available online for reinforcement and easy reference.


  1. To facilitate regularity of practice by the teachers, so that they become more adept at Heartfulness practices and hence start to derive real benefit.
  2. To explore essential life skills that enhance personal development
  3. To explore heart-based teaching skills, and their application in the context of school curriculum coverage.


Teachers who continue with a regular ongoing practice of Heartfulness will:

  1. Experience calmness, peace and stillness in their minds and hearts, and start to manage their emotions more effectively;
  2. Develop a clearer decision-making capability, better communication skills and the poise to manage classroom situations without stress;
  3. Find changes in their behavioral traits, allowing them to have better quality of life and become more effective teachers.

The Champion Teacher process is the sustainability plan of the program. Once champions are trained well, they can be the change agents within the school and can conduct weekly ongoing group sessions for all their teachers, staff and students.

The HEART Program

Heartfulness Education and Resources for Teachers