HEART Program



INSPIRE is a 3-day experiential workshop for teachers, with sessions on:

  1. Heartfulness practices and techniques essential for self-management,
  2. Heartfulness heart-centered learning pedagogy,
  3. Inquiry-based learning, and
  4. Essential life skills

that enable teachers to create joyful activity-based learning in classrooms.

The workshop also orients teachers to the second component of the module, INTEGRATE. One champion teacher will be selected from every school, to will be trained through the INCLUDE program to take forward the weekly group sessions in the school, among other things.


  1. To learn the four basic Heartfulness practices of:
        a) Relaxation,
        b) Meditation,
        c) Mental Cleaning, and
        d) Inner Connect.
  2. To become adept at conducting guided Relaxation for all their students, and able to give instructions for Heartfulness meditation to students 16 years and over.
  3. To be introduced to heart-centered pedagogy for the 21 st century, understand the various methodologies, and go through initial practical training to apply the same in their classroom.


  1. Teachers learn basic Heartfulness practices to manage their own stress and emotions, and improve their quality of life;
  2. As a result, teachers will be more relaxed and centered, and will connect more easily with their students in classrooms.
  3. Teachers are enabled to teach Heartfulness Relaxation to students;
  4. Teachers are enabled to give instructions for Heartfulness Meditation to students 16 years and over;
  5. Teachers learn some basic tips on how to bring to heart-centered pedagogy for the 21 st century into their classrooms, e.g. inquiry-based learning, interactive learning, and facilitated learning.

The HEART Program

Heartfulness Education and Resources for Teachers