Humanity’s way forward
is through the heart

Humanity’s way forward is through the heart
Heartfulness is a simple and subtle practice of meditation that connects each of us with the light and love in our hearts. Through our network of thousands of global HeartSpots and one magnificent smartphone app, we offer the world a daily practice that awakens our potential for simple, joyful existence. This precious gift of human transformation is offered free of charge. Learn more:
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The 4 Masters


1873 – 1931

Shri Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh, affectionately known as Lalaji, was the first guru in the Heartfulness tradition. He revived the ancient art of Yogic Transmission so that all seekers with sincere interest in their evolution could experience … Read more >



1899 – 1983

Lalaji’s successor was also called Shri Ram Chandra, and is known as Babuji. He too lived in Uttar Pradesh, in the town of Shahjahanpur. Living a family life, he had a career as a clerk in the local court for more than thirty years … Read more >


1927 – 2014

Babuji’s successor was Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, and he is known as Chariji. He was born near Chennai in the South of India and was educated in the British system, graduating from Benaras Hindu University with a Bachelor of Science degree … Read more >

Kamlesh D Patel

Kamlesh Patel

1956 – present

Known to many as Daaji, his teachings on Heartfulness Meditation arise from his personal experience, while reflecting his deep spirit of enquiry and respect for the world’s great spiritual traditions and scientific advancements … Read more >