Upcoming PEARL Webinar

21st December 2019

Heart Connect: Reconnecting with Self, Others and Nature

8:00 PM IST, 9:30 AM EST, 2:30 PM GMT

Vasco Gaspar

Webinar Details

The PEARL Series, formerly known as ​the ​Speaker Series​,​ is a pioneer​ing​ and ​​​successful FREE monthly webinar series​​ sponsored by the ​H​eartfulness ​Institute. ​PEARL​ stands for Practical Educational Actionable Rejuvenating Lifestyle Webinars. It hosts ​eminent speakers from all around the world who share their insights and unique ideas, be it from personal, professional or spiritual experience. Their passion​ and authenticity​ for the​ir​ subject​s​​ ​give ​the interactive question and answer session​s​ ​real meaning and substance that engage and connect with our global audience on a deep level.

In the PEARL Series, we are humbled to have speakers like ​​Padma Bhushan ​Award ​recipient​,​​​ Dr. B M Hegde, Dr.I​ch​ak Adizes​,​ recipient of 14 Honorary Doctorates, CEOs from ​i​nternational​ly​ renowned organizations, ​​entrepreneurs, y​ogini’s, students and many more who have spoken ​on ​very hot and happening topics. ​All​ of these webinars are ​truly​ unique​ ​and offer​ helpful​ tips for relaxation and ​meditation​​/​share ​​meaningful wellness ideas​/​enhance​ the ​value​ ​​of healthy living​/​offer creative solutions to problems in​ life, ​​to our ​viewers.

Since its inception​ ​two years ago, we ​have reached ​a ​viewership of ​25K. As a team we aspire to touch many hearts through this digital platform – Heartfulness Webinars!


Our Host

Lakshmi Aravind

Lakshmi is a heartfulness trainer from Western Canada, who holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She wears many hats and volunteers most of her time in the Heartfulness Institute. She has been practicing heartfulness meditation for the past 18 years.



Relationships are all about communication on every level – through words, body language, thoughts and feelings, the interplay of vibrational fields, and most importantly from heart to heart in silence. Our maturity as human beings is reflected in how we go about this: Are we givers or takers? Are we conscious or unconscious of the…

Contemplation & Leadership

We’re living in a world of several crisis and divisions: ecological, economical and spiritual. How to address these issues? How does contemplative practices (e.g. meditation, mindfulness, yoga, etc.) can be critical for us to develop an open mind and a compassionate heart, specially if we are in leadership positions? We will explore some of these…

Time Management

During this presentation he will explore the role of time management in the optimization of personal and professional efficacy. Focusing on a number of key principles, it will present tools that can be utilized for the purposes of saving time and for furthering self-development. A holistic, goal-oriented, reflective approach to the management of time will…

Decision Making In Corporates

Decision making is an integral aspect of our daily work life. This webinar will focus on some key barriers and enablers of good decision making. It will also talk about how some of those barriers can be mitigated by a well rounded meditation practice such as Heartfulness. Manish Agarwal has over 20 years of work…

Leadership by Heart

“Leadership by Heart”. People working with people processes need to make themselves the very instrument of manifesting the highest potential in others. The inner resources and the extent to which people professionals are anchored in themselves will reflect onto their ability to connect and resonate with others, which will be decisive for the quality of…