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SHRUTI NEGI tells us how she cherishes friendship and the qualities she values most among friends.

I value honesty the most in a friendship. Two people truly honest with each other can create a strong bond, which is required for a long-lasting relationship. If you are honest with a friend, you don’t have to hide anything or lie. You both will understand each other anyway.

As a friend, I wish to be a caregiver and a listener. If I can truly understand my friends’ feelings, I can maintain the sacred communication between us. I may not solve problems, but I can listen.

Being heard is the best feeling in friendship. It gives us the feeling that we have a stress-buster for every upcoming situation. We can never be alone in our good and bad times as long as we have good friends. It has changed my outlook. I started believing that the world can be a better place. Around friends, we are complete.

Freedom of speech is very important, and with a friend we know we have that. Having a friend is like having an extended family.


Shruti Negi

Shruti Negi