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On the final morning of the Mahotsav, the Right Honorable PATRICIA SCOTLAND, KC, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, spoke about the role DAAJI has played in bringing spirituality to the world, unifying people of all faiths and cultures, and nurturing nature. In honor of his work, she bestowed upon him the title of Global Ambassador for Peacebuilding and Faith in the Commonwealth. Below is the speech she made while conferring the honor.

My heartfelt greetings to you all. It is a genuine honor to return to this magnificent place. Vision, ingenuity, and labor have transformed what was once harsh and depleted land into a lush green campus, with rainforest full of thriving, endemic, and endangered species, medicinal and edible plants, and organic farms. This site has become a testament to harmony with nature. Every step one takes through the Yatra Garden and these hallowed halls is an encounter with tranquility and renewal.

We stand today in the physical representation of the Heartfulness you have been practicing and sharing for so many years. And as we gather here in the month before the 125th Birth Anniversary of Babuji, it is a fitting monument to his lasting legacy.

The imprint of his life of humble service, devotion, and love is unmistakable. It echoes in the demeanor of everyone present here. And it is reflected constantly in the vision and leadership offered by our dear friend and brother, Daaji, who has once again welcomed us so graciously to this wonderful place.

The Commonwealth is a family, and we are 56 nations and 2.5 billion people stretched across five continents and six oceans. Our collective heart beats with the shared values of peace, understanding, and mutual respect. Daaji, as the guiding force behind Heartfulness, you embody these values. Your wisdom, compassion, and unwavering commitment to the spiritual well-being of humanity shines through you and through this movement. Your leadership has nurtured the growth of Heartfulness, and in doing so you have touched the lives of countless people across the globe, across 160 countries, and more than 5 million practitioners, with the dedicated support of 16,000 volunteer trainers operating in over 5,000 centers worldwide. 

Your impact extends far and wide. Heartfulness has become a global force for inner transformation, creating ripples that transcend continents and cultures, sowing seeds of mindfulness, compassion, and spiritual well-being. Your teachings resonate deeply, offering a pathway to peace and self-discovery. And your approach to meditation and spirituality is both profound and accessible, guiding seekers on a journey toward a harmonious existence. 

This vision has cultivated a Heartfulness community centered around love, unity, and mindfulness, offering solace and spiritual nourishment to seekers from diverse backgrounds in an increasingly chaotic world. Your unwavering commitment to service, coupled with your profound understanding of the human heart creates a legacy of grace, humility, inspiration, and boundless compassion. In our lives, we all try to create and send out our own positive ripples of change. The ripples you have created are vast and lasting. They can build a current that can sweep down even the mightiest walls of resistance and provide us all with constant inspiration. 

In your honor, and in honor of your vision and leadership, and your unwavering commitment to service, as Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations I am proud and honored to bestow on you the title of Global Ambassador for Peacebuilding and Faith in the Commonwealth.


In your honor, and in honor of your vision and leadership, 
and your unwavering commitment to service, 
as Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations 
I am proud and honored to bestow on you 
the title of Global Ambassador for Peacebuilding 
and Faith in the Commonwealth.


Patricia Scotland

Patricia Scotland

As the first woman to be appointed Rt. Hon. Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Patricia’s career has been marked by a number of firsts. She is mobilizing the 56 nations of the Commonwealth to tackle climate change, and, through women... Read More