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Lately, Yoga has taken the world by storm, as more and more people recognize the health benefits of this age-old science of well-being.

Yoga is more than a form of exercise. It is a complete science that teaches you how to handle your life with more confidence, clarity of mind and happiness. There is more to Yoga than postures and breathing exercises.

We believe that the benefits of Yoga should be available to all, and we are happy to help you discover this ancient science through practice and personal experience.

Discover the Heartfulness Yoga Style – take the Heartfulness Yoga Fundamentals at no cost.

Yoga Academy

The Heartfulness Yoga Academy is an online learning platform for Yoga Teachers and training personnel. Recognized by Yoga Alliance, the platform provides different levels of understanding of Yoga. At the Heartfulness Yoga Academy, personal development comes with the expansion of the heart’s qualities nourished by simple practices.

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Yoga for Kids

The Heartfulness Yoga team believes in doing everything so that everyone can access the beautiful practice of Yoga. There are sessions being conducted, both online and in-person, for every age group at Kanha. Currently, there are sessions being offered to kids of two different age groups. The team is also working on coming up with a Yoga program exclusively for teenagers, to inspire them to live a healthy and balanced life.

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Heartfulness Yoga

During your visit to Kanha, you can experience Yoga Asanas that bring you closer to yourself with the Heartfulness Yoga Teachers. We have a meditative approach to Yoga that allows us to explore the physical, mental and spiritual all at once. Heartfulness Yoga brings you this full spectrum of Yoga by creating a seamless flow between asanas and meditation in every class.

The uniqueness of Yogic Transmission is at the heart of our practice; each program exposes you to the exclusive experience of the Heartfulness practices, all designed to carry you deeper in your journey.

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Meditation hall

Meditation Center

This majestic hall was inaugurated in February 2020 by the Hon. President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind and the Global Guide of Heartfulness, Shri Kamlesh D. Patel.

People from all walks of life, from every corner of the world gather here to meditate under one roof.


A state-of-the-art auditorium, with all modern facilities including hi-tech audio - visual equipment and a large seating capacity makes Kanha Shanti Vanam an ideal choice for hosting international gatherings.

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Conference Hall

A conference facility with all facilities for management discussions makes Kanha Shantivanam Conference Hall, an ideal choice for hosting meetings.

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An avid learner has the opportunity to explore various courses offered by Heartfulness Education Trust, such as HELP, The HEARTand Heartfulness Research Programs.

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The Heartfulness Learning Center

The Heartfulness Learning Center is envisioned as a place that nurtures a joyful environment of learning through observation.

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Brighter Minds

A gift of a lifetime, Brighter Minds has a series of programs that focuses on whole-brain development and cognitive growth for different age groups.

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Gitopadesh by Heartfulness is a virtual course aimed towards enabling children to learn Sanskrit through slokas from the Bhagawad Gita and imbibe valuable life lessons from its teachings.

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Where to eat

Dining Hall

Kanha houses a large dining hall that provides simple and light meals for free 3 times a day, 365 days a year. Satvik and healthy vegetarian food is cooked and served to all residents and visitors who wish to dine here. Simple and healthy vegetarian food is cooked and served with love to all residents and visitors who wish to dine here.


Fausto's is an Italian terrace restaurant at Kanha, serving authentic Italian cuisine. The place is ideal for small events and gatherings.The deliciousness of cuisine at Fausto's includes a variety of Kanha's very own and special wood-fired pizzas.

Suruchi Cafe

Suruchi Cafe is a spacious modern cafeteria in Kanha, serving regular meals thrice a day. It also offers on sale a variety of mouth-watering cuisines, bakery items and confectioneries. Some of the cuisines that the cafe serves, are North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese.


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Other facilities

Sport Center

HISC promotes a love for sports and fitness in a serene location at Kanha Shantivanam, a center for holistic well-being and home to the world’s largest meditation center. The sports center facility spans 54,680 sq feet with state-of-the-art infrastructure including 14

  • 14 badminton courts
  • 3 squash courts
  • 25-meter swimming pool
  • Gym and Fitness center
The HISC facility is open to all for training or use on a paid basis. Expert coaching for the respective sports is available for those who wish to learn. The facility is also available for use on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Operational Timings: 9:00 am-5:30 pm (Monday to Saturday for enquiries)

Contact -Email/ +91 8519956041


The Kanha Gym is equipped with world-class fitness facilities. The fitness machines are available for different workout plans, including weight training, Fat-loss training, Strength training, and many others. Kanha Gym offers the option to consult and work with certified fitness trainers.

Children's Park

Every child's dream comes true, the children's park at Kanha is the most amazing and fun-filled play area for the little ones. The Children’s Park has been designed in a way that enhances the development and observation skills of children. Kanha Shantivanam has wide and open places that allow children to play freely, ride bikes, learn cottage crafts and join storytelling and other activities.

Wellness Center

An integrated and holistic approach towards health and well-being is provided at the Kanha Wellness Center. The facility supports individuals to embrace manifesting health conditions, prevent illness, and move from ‘dis-ease’to a state of ease.

Operational Timings: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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Medical Centre

The Kanha Medical Centre (KMC) is a full time facility run by a certified team of doctors and paramedics, offering medical services to all residents and visitors of Kanha as well as to those from surrounding villages.

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Get inspired by yourself through the Personal Mastery Program. This residential program will enable entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals to transition from a state of burnout to joy. Recalibrate yourself and find new ways to enhance your professional and personal relationships, prioritize your well-being and energize yourself with Kaushalam.

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Books and More

A facility that allows you to explore the vast, multilingual literary texts of Heartfulness and other scriptures. It offers a reading space with comfortable sofas and ample natural light. Provisions to purchase photographs, art pieces, stationary, clothes and other accessories are also given.

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Heartyculture is redefining the way we live organically and promoting a radiation-free lifestyle. The need to eat healthy food and be self-sufficient through sustainable natural methods of farming is the driving force and inspiration behind - Heartyculture products and initiatives.

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Convenient store

Residents and visitors can shop for fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as groceries and items of daily use, from this well-stocked convenience store inside the Kanha campus. The food provided at this store is fresh and organic, some of which are grown right here in Kanha.

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Pottery Studio

Art is a combination of creativity, skill, problem-solving, and in the right environment, spirituality and connectedness. Kanha is home to a pottery studio where you can work with clay and create pieces. It is equipped with tools of the trade, products to purchase, a large kiln, including all the materials you would require to create something beautiful during your stay with us.

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Goshala (Shelter for Cattles)

The Goshala at Kanha takes us back to olden times. As of today, the Kanha Goshala is home to over 100 native cows and buffalos from various regions of India such as Gir, Red Sindhi and Sahiwal. The Goshala surrounds limitless agricultural land, which is serene and calm. Being near animals is a profound experience; it has the potential to remind us how we need just the basics to live a good and happy life.

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Cricket Stadium

The foundation stones of the International Cricket Stadium in Kanha have been laid. It has a diameter of 138 meters and has been inaugurated by Rohit Sharma, Captain of the Indian Premier League cricket team, Mumbai Indians. The stadium can be used by students for competitive and leisurely purposes.