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Idea to Action

Category - 2

Theme 2023 : Livelihood Enhancement

Propose social innovations targeted at individuals from poor and vulnerable households to enhance their income and livelihood. Select any one of the proposed themes for working on your innovation and submit your entry on the prescribed format. Please read the guidelines for the proposal before starting to write your proposal and guidelines for submission before submitting it.

  • Rural Livelihood: 87% of Indian Agricultural land is held by Small and Marginal farmers with less than 2 Hectares of land. Propose innovations to enhance the livelihood of farmers and their families.

  • Urban Livelihood for the Poor: Though cities are flourishing and growing rapidly, 14% of individuals in urban areas live below the poverty line. Propose innovations and interventions to enhance their income and livelihood.

  • Livelihood for the Differently abled: 2.2 Crore individuals in India suffer from one or the other kind of disability, and this community often gets left behind. Propose innovations that can give them access to reasonable livelihood.

Other Social Innovations: Participations are also welcome to submit social innovations outside the theme proposed for 2023 above.

Last date of submission: 15th November 2023

  1. Select any one of the proposed themes given above and submit only one entry.

  2. The target group for the proposed intervention must be a community in your area of residence – your village, town or city. Clearly identify the demography of the target profile, including gender, age, educational profile, social strata, occupation, etc.

  3. The proposed innovation must seek to address the needs of the community selected and not of any particular individual or a family. Its application, when scaled up, should have the potential of benefitting the community at large.

  4. The innovation proposed by you must be within your capacity to create and implement in its initial phase.

  5. Submit your entry by clicking on "Submit Proposal". The template / guidelines are to be strictly followed.

  6. The social innovation, at its core, should be alleviate social problems and challenges being faced by the target group and serve to alleviate the problem. Problems that are solved by the proposal must necessarily be human-centric.

  7. All proposals should be original and conceptualized by the person / team making the submission, and should not be an idea that is already implemented / available in practice.

  1. Click on "Submit Proposal" to register and start your innovative proposal. Follow instructions provided for each section.

  2. The content template for the proposal is as follows :

    • Target Segment (Max characters allowed - 500)

      Who is the target segment for whom the solution is perceived

    • Problem Statement (Max characters allowed - 1250)

      Brief description of the social problem which is addressed with the solution.

    • Proposed Solution (Max characters allowed - 2000)

      Elaborate the solution approach and details.

    • Solution Differentiator (Max characters allowed - 1250)

      Mention how the proposed solution would be different from the existing other solutions

    • Impact Creation (Max characters allowed -500)

      List the potential impacts the solution will create under human impact, societal impact etc and indicators to monitor and measure.

    • Risk / Challenges

      List the potential risks and challenges in implementing the solution.

    • Ask / Dependencies

      Mention the dependencies and asks for a proof of concept.

  3. You will be permitted to save and edit your proposal as a draft by clicking on "Save as draft".

  4. Click "Finalize proposal" to submit your final proposal. Once you finalize you will not be permitted to access your proposal.

  1. The jury will shortlist proposals on the basis of the merit of the interventions suggested by them. The number of shortlisted proposals will be at the discretion of the jury.

  2. By submitting your entry, you are implicitly agreeing that you will will abide by the rules of the selection process and will accept the jury’s decision as final.

  3. Shortlisted participants will be invited to make a presentation to a jury – in person or online - and rank the shortlisted proposals. For the process of selection, the jury may call for further details on the proposed interventions of the participants. In case of a newly designed instrument or device already prototyped, the innovator will be asked to demonstrate its working and establish its success as an intervention for the identified problem.

  4. Top three participants will be selected by the jury at their discretion for seed funding of the interventions subject to the winner agreeing to the terms and conditions of the grant. They will be awarded the Youth Innovator Award – a citation stating their rank and description of their innovation. The jury may decide to select more than three or less than three proposals for funding.

Top ten ranks will receive a citation stating their rank and description of their achievement.

All shortlisted participants will receive a Certificate of Merit.

All participants with valid entries will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Innovative projects will be chosen by a jury for a grant to be utilized by the winner/s as per the guidelines of the jury to implement their proposals.

The grant amounts will be determined by the jury on the merits of the proposals and winners will have the option to either accept the grant or to not go forward with the implementation of the proposed intervention in case he/she is not satisfied with the amount of the grant.

The jury and the sponsors at their discretion may enhance the value of any of the grants and may introduce new terms and conditions for such an enhancement.

Terms and Conditions of the Grant

  1. The award of the grant will be at the sole discretion of the Jury which will not be questioned by the participants at any stage.

  2. The Jury may vary the number of grants awarded or the amount of the grant at their sole discretion.

  3. The expenses under the various heads will be approved by the Donor/sponsor and monitored by them.

  4. The winner will have to give an undertaking to strictly adhere to the expense heads and not vary them without approval.

  5. The winner will have to submit proof of expenses under the grant as specified by the Donor/Sponsor.

  6. The winner will have to submit statement of expenditure periodically as specified by the Donor/Sponsor.

  7. The winner will have to submit a progress report as required by the Donor/sponsor.

  8. The winner will have to submit a final report as specified by the Donor/sponsor.

  9. On the conditions of the grant being violated or not complied with the Donor/sponsor will reserve the right to cancel the grant at any stage.