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Idea to Action

Category - 2

Theme : Rising With Kindness


The jury will select a few entries from top ten winners of Category 2 of the Heartfulness Essay Event 2022 , irrespective of their language group and purely on the basis of the merit of the interventions suggested by the authors, to shortlist them for a grant for implementing the solutions proposed by the authors.

Each of the shortlisted participants will be required to sign an undertaking that they will abide by the rules of the selection process and will accept the jury’s decision.

The jury will then invite the shortlisted participants for an interview and rank them. For the process of final selection for the grant the jury may call for further details on the proposed interventions of the participants. In case of a newly designed instrument or device already prototyped, the innovator will be asked to demonstrate its working and establish its success as an intervention for the identified problem.

Top three or more participants will be selected by the jury at their discretion for help to raise the seed funding for the interventions in the country of residence of the winner by local Heartfulness team. This will be subject to the winner agreeing to the terms and conditions of the grant if successfully obtained. They will be awarded the Youth Innovator Award – a citation stating the description of their innovation.

Few innovative projects will be chosen by a jury for a special grant from a corpus to be utilized by the winner/s as per the guidelines of the jury to implement their ideas.

The grant amounts are not fixed and may vary as per the sponsor response. The jury and the sponsors at their discretion may enhance the value of any of the grants and may introduce new terms and conditions.

All shortlisted candidates will be awarded a citation stating their achievement.

Terms and Conditions of the Grant

  1. The award of grant will be at the sole discretion of the Jury which will not be questioned by the participants at any stage.

  2. The Jury may vary the number of grants awarded or the amount of the grant at their sole discretion.

  3. The expenses under the various heads will be approved by the Donor and monitored by them.

  4. The awardee will have to give an undertaking to strictly adhere to the expense heads and not vary them without approval.

  5. The awardee will have to submit proof of expenses under the grant as specified by the Donor.

  6. The awardee will have to submit statement of expenditure periodically as specified by the Donor.

  7. The awardee will have to submit a progress report as required by the Donor.

  8. The awardee will have to submit a final report as specified by the Donor.

  9. On the conditions of the grant being violated or not complied with, the Donor will reserve the right to cancel the grant at any stage.