#Shaping Peace Together, by integrating wellness and soulfulness into our new normal lives

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26th September 2020, 7:30 PM IST, 10:00 AM EST, 3:00 PM UK

Speaker Dr. Mickey Mehta

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Today, the fabric of mankind is torn by numerous forces which could be religious, social, ideological or any other. Where so many concepts divide humanity into sections and build walls between them, it is spirituality that unites the races. Heartfulness weaves the fabric of a torn mankind of 7 billion people. The seed of all problems of society lie in wellness and individual health: physical, mental and spiritual. If each individual is healthy and peaceful, it would automatically trigger harmony in society, protection of the environment, integrity in principles, etc. Each of us are gods in seed form and have infinite latent potential to grow, but there is a need to nurture oneself, by turning inwards towards soulfulness and wellness. Harmonising ourselves with nature is a huge part of wellness. Let us explore how Heartfulness integrates wellness and soulfulness and allows us to move into a space of feelings, thereby allowing peace to hold and flourish.

Speaker : Dr. Mickey Mehta has been a leading global holistic health guru and a corporate life coach for 38 years. He is…

  • the recipient of ‘The Health & Wellness Icon of India’ award by Economic Times and is among the ‘100 Most Impactful Wellness Leaders of the World’ as announced at the Global Wellness Conclave 2018
  • the first personal trainer of India, the first fitness columnist and the first fitness tv and radio presenter in India and still continues to educate us on these channels
  • the author of two very successful books, ‘The Shoonyam Quotient’ & ‘Lose Weight Gain Shape’, with five more books in the pipeline
  • the only one in India to have an honorary double doctorate in Holistic Health & Life Sciences for Integrated Medicines
  • been invited to speak at the Harvard University, IITs & IIMs across the world
  • has the rare distinction of training the Police, the Army, the Navy & the Airforce
  • the coach to Miss Indias, Miss Worlds, Miss Universes along and Bollywood biggies, politicians & India Inc billionaires
  • recently joined to support the government’s FIT INDIA Movement
  • has partnered with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) & the Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA) to promote invincible health & infinite immunity for humanity in the COVID lockdown days.

The author, poet, philosopher, the brand, the institute, the legendary – DR MICKEY MEHTA who gets you Energized, Naturalized, Optimized, Maximized, Wellness Revolutionized and gets you MICKEYMIZED!!

Key Takeaways from the Webinar

  • At times of Pandemic, find out how meditation can change us from inside to foster positivity
  • Evaluate the relationship of meditation to wellness and soulfulness
  • What is Cosmic nutrition?
  • How to handle Covid 19 fear?
  • Learn breathing techniques for stress management

Who Should Attend
Anyone struggling with and/or interested in enhancing their wellness and overall health.

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