July 11th July 2020, 7:00 PM IST, 9:30 AM EST, 2:30 PM London UK time

Speaker Satbir Bakshi

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Change is seen as a disruption to our current comfort zone. Nevertheless, there is a constantly gnawing feeling that there needs to be some change in the environment, the circumstances, the people around us, the policies, the way the government functions…. If the same restlessness is widespread it results in an uprising, a revolution. That is not what we are party to at the individual level, though there are subtler and non-violent/non-disruptive ways of bringing about that change too. External factors within our control of course we do attend to, but when one finds it is more internal – within oneself – one realises that it has a lot to do with our perception, our state of mind, our inner being… This realisation is just the beginning, but the methodology and the execution of the plan can be quite a challenge. Let us see how others have fought their battles…

Speaker : Satbir Bakshi, is a Heartfulness seeker for over thirty years and a trainer from Chennai. Currently he is part of the national teams for G-Connect (Heartfulness initiatives in Government Organizations) and Dhyanotsav (Promoting Heartfulness Techniques of Relaxation & Meditation) through experiential seminars held in various cities.

On the personal front he has a loving and supportive family. Workwise he has been involved with real estate for a few decades now.

The Heartfulness Way has given him opportunities to travel across most parts of India and abroad. Amongst other initiatives, he has done extensive work in planning and executing Stress Management programs for the personnel of the armed forces and paramilitary in India.

Key Takeaways

  • To courageously identify the need for Change
  • To make our own strategy for Change
  • To bring about change within effortlessly

Who Should Attend
Youth and anyone who is stuck in a rut and wishes to press the Reset button

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