Understanding the Transformation Processes


Saturday, 23rd November 2019 at 7:00 PM IST / 9:30 AM EST / 1:30 PM GMT

Speaker Dr. Rosalind Pearmain PhD

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How do we support growth and change in ourselves and others?

At present, all over the world, many young people are struggling with loneliness and anxiety. How can we help?

A few years ago, Rosalind spent time volunteering and researching in summer camp programmes for teenagers. She was sparked by the experiences of her own children and the transformational impact that summer camps for teenagers organised by the Quakers. In very powerful ways, she found that each one offered a safe haven, offering welcome, inclusion, fun, intense experiences, new learning, chances for deep connection and for building a vibrant, temporary community that lived and sustained positive values supported by adults.

Two deeper elements relevant to all of us is – the profound importance of creating a safe and welcoming space for everyone to flourish and being able to attune non-verbally to each other in an accurate way. These building blocks of connection, healing and transformation can be facilitated through heartful awareness.

Speaker : Dr. Rosalind Pearmain, was a course director and Senior Lecturer for Integrative Psychotherapy in Regents University London. Her doctoral research at the Royal Holloway University of London was focused on meditation and transformational aspects of learning. Her book ’The Heart of Listening: Attentional Qualities in Psychotherapy and Counselling’ Sage 2001 integrated spiritual, psychotherapeutic and neuroscientific aspects of the heart.

Rosalind has been practising and sharing Heartfulness as a trainer for more than thirty-five years.

She has also worked with transformative projects with young people and recently been teaching Qualitative Research Methods at the Minster Centre London and sharing Heartfulness in Oxfordshire and UK. In January this year, she taught a course on Meditation and Resilience at IIT Kharagpur as part of the GIAN project.

Rosalind has found that by simply focusing on the heart, with the help of yogic transmission in the Heartfulness practice, we connect with the deepest source of intelligence, to offer the most profound transformation at all levels.

Overview & Takeaway

  • What makes life hard for young people?
  • What can be offered to help from these examples of summer programmes and related approaches?
  • What essentially can we offer with heartful attention in daily life to empower, transform and support
    young people and all of us going through life?

Who Should Attend
Parents, grandparents, teachers, counsellors – this topic is relevant to us all.

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