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15th May 2021,7 PM IST/9:30 AM US Eastern/1:30 PM London Time

Speaker Dr. Guila Clara Kessous
Harvard University,UNESCO artist for peace,Ambassador for Peace – Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors (Geneva)

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Session Information:
For those facing COVID-19 anxiety, this workshop will help you discover the positive psychology approach to understand how to be happier based on resilience using ‘Positive Realism’ technique. Far from the naive positivism point of view, this approach is based on an extreme realistic and concrete departure point, to better understand the modern times and apply it to our capacity to resist and find an optimistic way to behave. “Optimalism” is a word created by Harvard University “Professor of Happiness” Tal Ben Shahar. This workshop will help you discover how you can personally apply this technique to your individual case revealing a unique toolbox for your understanding on how to quit your impostor syndrom and dare to find hope again.
This is an invitation to a journey through – Taking Risks, Emotional Learning and Mindset Motivation.

Speaker: Dr. Guila Clara Kessous ,
Dr. Guila Clara Kessous is a theater artist, professor and an executive coach. She is using theatrical techniques and role-playing games as tools that can not only enhance corporate communication, but help heal those who have suffered from prior trauma, especially women.

For her dedication to humanitarian causes, notably for her work in collaboration with Nobel Peace Prize Malala Yousafzai using drama to help girls’ empowerment in Pakistan and in Burundi, she has been nominated UNESCO Artist for Peace and Peace Ambassador from the Universal Ambassador Peace Circle. She also applied those techniques to create self-leadership curriculum to give resources to Rohingya women refugees in Bangladesh with the organization Library without Borders. She is the recipient of the Women Empowerment Award 2020 by Eva Longoria from the Global Gift Foundation for her work with women victims of excision in Congo in collaboration with playwright Eve Ensler and Nobel Prize Dr. Mukwege.

As a certified coach, she has helped hundreds senior executives (private sector: CAC 40, Nasdaq 500, and public sector: ENA, national French ministries,) dealing with women empowerment and crisis communication. She became “Rising Talent” from the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society in 2020 for her dedication in times of COVID-19 to support medical teams, nurses and patients in remission using resilience through art of storytelling and drama techniques.

Guila Clara Kessous holds a Gold Medal of Performing Art from the French National Conservatory as well as a State Diploma of Theatre from the French Ministry of Culture. She benefits from an artistic education based on American and European theatrical approaches, and has been trained by Jack Waltzer (Actors Studio) and Jean Louis Vincent (Adami Talent program). She has worked as a theater director and actress with artists such as John Malkovich, Peter Brook, Francis Huster, James Caan, Rosanna Arquette, and inviting them to participate in the course she created at Harvard University, “Theatre and Human Rights”. As recipient of an Executive MBA from ESSEC Business School, a PhD from Boston University under Nobel Prize Elie Wiesel’s direction, and a Post-Doc from Harvard University, she was invited to develop the communication course on “Situational Intelligence” at the Political Science Institute in Paris in 2021.

She has combined her artistic experience together with coaching methods such as positive psychology (Tal Ben Shahar), Leadership and Negotiation (William L. Ury), Executive Communication Skills (Marjorie North) and Emotional Intelligence (Associate Paul Ekman’s EIA). She is a certified coach ICC trainer (EMCC) and expert of assessments tools such as Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (MRG) and Hogan (Authentic Talent). Certified trainer of the Springboard program for women empowerment, she is an active member of the Harvard University affiliated Institute of coaching.

Dr. Kessous wrote three books: “Theatre and sacred” with a Foreword by Nobel Prize E. Wiesel (PUF 2013), “70 quotes for Peace” with a Foreword by General Director of UNESCO I. Bokova (Gallimard 2015), “The Great Book of Positive Psychology” as a co-author, with a Foreword by Harvard Professor Tal Ben Shahar (Eyrolles 2020).

Key takeaways

  • How can we handle our emotions ?
  • How to better accepting change ?
  • How to better adapt to uncertainty ?
  • How to still be motivated ?

Who Should Attend
Open to all.

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