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Nicole Carter, Lina Iyer, and Priya Iyer

Nicole has 23 years of experience in education. Her drive comes from her commitment to providing the best quality education for all students at Novi High School and beyond. She was honored as the Michigan Secondary Principal of the Year in March 2022 by the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals and the Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honor Societies. Lina is a senior at Novi High School. She leads the Student Mental Health Committee and is an aspiring medical professional and programmer, interested in solving problems at the intersection of mental health, epigenetics, and computer science. She enjoys meditating daily and listening to Taylor Swift. She has conducted and published research to explore noninvasive ways to address mental health disorders in teenagers. Priya is a junior at Novi High School. She is an aspiring scientist interested in mental health and building inclusive community platforms for free and creative expression. She loves playing the piano and singing in her free time. She is an avid member of the student council and volunteers her time to help others. She loves solving problems by developing apps and conducting research to explore the impact of technology in mental health.