Become a HC Facilitator

HC Facilitator Trainees

The journey to becoming a HC facilitator is exciting, transformative as well as challenging! It is a journey of understanding yourself, being open to making changes, integrating the concepts of HC into your own life and growing step-by-step into this new consciousness. It is then that the adventure opens up and your keenness to share it with others starts to take shape. At this stage it is only constant practice that helps us learn more and more.

We will provide you with the resources, the support and the opportunities to learn, practice and integrate. It would be our constant endeavor to walk with you on this journey. We ask for your interest, your time and commitment to pursuing and staying on this course.

Having done that, we would appreciate your commitment to facilitating HC workshops as you become ready to handle, at first along with a facilitator and slowly transitioning to doing it on your own.

Note: As HC workshops are currently conducted online via Zoom, a steady, reliable internet connection is essential.

What are the steps to becoming a HC Facilitator

  1. Participate in an online HC workshop which is typically conducted in 1 + 13 sessions, each of 2 hour duration over a period of 3 weeks.
    In addition to participation in all 14 sessions, there are some integral aspects for this training:

    1. preparatory work eg of reading or watching video clips
    2. post session/ between session ‘homework’ that is typically 30-40 minutes.
    3. giving brief, written feedback for each session
  2. Attend regular, 10 weekly practice group sessions, of an hour each, conducted by HC facilitators to continue the learning process.
  3. Have weekly calls with an Empathy Buddy to share your learnings, practice your empathy skills and recharge your cup of empathy!
  4. Maintain your personal HC journal, write reports of the practice group sessions.
  5. Apart from the above, it would require full-time attention and self-awareness to continue the process of integrating HC into your life with integrity and authenticity – number of hours per week may seem redundant from this perspective (on an average at least 10 to 20 hours per week)!
  6. Be open to receiving feedback with a sense of humility and be rigorous in trying to improve.
  7. Undertake a process of Assessment when you feel you are ready for it within a year from the workshop.
  8. Contribute to the efforts of the team to make Daaji’s vision of giving an opportunity to each and every abhyasi, the chance to experience what HC is – a reality.
  9. Commit to carrying on the work of HC for at least a year.

“I hope and pray that HC one day may become a most sought after program in the world.

With Prayers to Beloved Master for His love and blessings.”

– Daaji

What are the skills required for a HC Facilitator?

  • Flexibility of mind, openness to learn, and willingness to put into practice and integrate the principles of HC into your own life.
  • To self-reflect and take every challenge that comes your way as an opportunity to learn
  • To be in the role of a co-traveller rather than a teacher
  • Enable the shift in awareness for another through the concepts of HC
  • Enjoy working and interacting in groups and be able to lightly “hold” a group to enable the learning
  • Have a warm, encouraging, patient, friendly, supportive, calm attitude towards your co-learners
  • Being clear in your communication, with a deep ability to listen and empathise with others
  • Basic competence and ease in using Zoom