Circles of Connection

‘Circles of Connection’ (CoC) are study groups designed to create an interest in Heartful  Communication among abhyasis. Focused small groups of between 4-5 members will learn the key concepts of HC together on a weekly basis.

Study Group Structure 

  • Each group will have 4-5 participants.
  • The recommendation is to have a session of 90 minutes every week 
  • The material/resources for these sessions will be available on this website

Learning Objectives 

  • To introduce participants to basic aspects of Heartful Communication
  • To enable participants to learn respectfully and fruitfully together
  • To enable the participants to practically imbibe the learnings into their lives

Learning Tools

  • Role plays
  • Reading selected Mission literature
  • Resource material to aid the learning
  • Exercises
  • Experiential activities
  • Journal Writing

Articles to Study

Please read the following articles, one by one, with the following suggested guidelines to allow for maximum absorption of the concept.

  1. Pujya Lalaji’s article: ‘Principles of Conversation’ from Truth Eternal
  2. AEIOU – extracts from various talks of Daaji and our Mission literature
  3. An Appeal – The message that was released during the September bhandara of 2020

Books to Read

  1. Marshall Rosenberg: Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life
  2. Lucy Leu: NVC Companion Workbook
  3. Thomas D’Ansembourg: Being Genuine

Coming Soon…

Watch this space for detailed guidelines on how to take up these books for study.

Registration Form

A person initiating or starting a Heartful Communication Study Group which we call a ‘Circle of Connection‘ (CoC), would be the coordinator. These study groups are currently open only for abhyasis in India.