Welcome to Heartful Communication

Daaji’s Vision
That all of us, learn Heartful Communication, and create a true service-culture based on listening, open-heartedness, care and harmony.

Thank you for visiting. We hope you find what you need to get you interested in beginning to learn and apply this approach in your life. Daaji, our spiritual Guide, has said that working on our communication is “the need of the hour”! Let us embark on the journey of joyfully integrating Heartful Communication into our way of being.

To get you started, on this page we are offering some simple introductory material. Do keep checking the website regularly as we will be adding information and new materials as we develop them.

We suggest that you study, reflect, and work on assimilating the key concepts and applying them in your daily life. After this, you might wish to apply to join a Heartful Communication training course.

What is Heartful Communication?

Heartful Communication is about communicating with the heart, and responding to the needs of the moment.

Heartful Communication draws inspiration from the Teachings of the Heartfulness Guides, Heartfulness Practices, Lalaji’s Principles of Communication, Guidelines for Heartful Living and Nonviolent Communication.

Videos to Watch

These videos will give you an introduction to Heartful Communication and Nonviolent Communication along with a basic understanding of what Daaji wishes to see in each one of us. Please go through them carefully, absorb the message and reflect on them for their deeper meaning.

An introduction to Heartful Communication – Liz Kingsnorth

“Our efforts to follow the AEIOU will bring forward all that we are looking for with HC.” – Daaji

The Purpose Of Nonviolent Communication – Marshall Rosenberg

Lalaji’s Principles of Conversation

Heartful Communication is grounded in Pujya Lalaji’s Principles of Conversation. To begin your practice read the insights and simple methods offered by Pujya Lalaji and begin your journey of reflection and transformation towards a new consciousness.

Books to Read

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life
by Marshall B Rosenberg
Also available as an Audio CD & downloadable
Being Genuine by Thomas D’Ansembourg

Articles to Read

Communication: Bridging the Gap – Part 1
In this 3-part series, LIZ KINGSNORTH introduces the basic principles of Heartful Communication, and how it guides our understanding of our personal feelings and the feelings of others, ultimately leading to a more consistent state of harmony. In part 1, she focuses on the importance of the quality of communication.
10 Tips for Effective Communication
Liz Kingsnorth explores the ways we can improve our relationships with others at home, at work and with friends, by improving the way we communicate.
Heartful Communication
Liz Kingsnorth introduces Marshall Rosenberg’s practical approach of Nonviolent Communication, and how it is integrating with Heartfulness into Heartful Communication.

Free 30-Day Introductory Course

Get started with Nonviolent Communication (NVC). You’ll love this practical and enlightening approach to empathic listening and effective self-expression. This 30-day programme from NVC Academy gives you access to introductory level audio, video, articles, trainer tips and exercises. Learn on your schedule with self-paced learning modules.
Communication is the need of the hour.