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Spiritual Destination Fatehgarh

Just as the river Ganga emerges from Gangotri as a mighty force flowing all across the land, becoming one with the ocean, so is Fatehgarh the source of the Heartfulness movement.
Fatehgarh is the family-home town of Shri Ram Chandra (Lalaji Maharaj) and also the Mahasamadhi Sthal of Lalaji Maharaj. Lalaji’s grandson, Br Dinesh Chandra is conducting daily satsanghs at 9 am, all days of the week.
It was also here that as a great spiritual blessing to humanity, Lalaji, Shri Ram Chandra wrote the book ‘Truth Eternal’.

The Mahasamadhi Sthal is right on the road and is a charmed space to meditate. Refreshments and restrooms are available.

There is a local gathering that happens on the occasions of Easter as seekers of Heartfulness are a congruence of diversity across the globe.