Why practice Heartfulness

Find ways to help you feel more balanced and calm

Journey from complexity to simplicity

Reduce anxiety levels, creating a joyful approach to life

Develop New connections

Introduce a work-life balance that meets your needs

Nurture Creativity and enhance your wellbeing

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Helpful Insights by the
Heartfulness Guide Daaji


Ground yourself

January 1, 2024


Youth are the Future

October 16, 2023


Heartful Suggestions

October 10, 2023

Events that help to know more about Heartfulness

Weekly Meditations - You are welcome to join group meditation across the UK.

Retreat/Workshops - A range of workshops and gatherings offered online and in person.

Regional Gatherings - An opportunity to join larger group meditation sessions with a theme.

European Seminars - An opportunity to meet with other meditators in Europe.

Global Webinars - Learn more about heartful living from the comfort of your own home.

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    Worldwide Heartfulness

    Initiatives in social development, sustainability, education, parenting & well being.

    10 million people worldwide have 
     tried heartfulness

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